Wednesday 6 August 2008

Happy Birthday, HPANWO!

Doesn’t a year fly by when you’re busy and having fun (hopefully a combination of both!)!? HPANWO has reached its first anniversary during which it has hopefully provided food for thought, Hospital Porters’ Pride and Dignity, promotion of free mind, speech and action, a good, hard kick in the butt for the Illuminati and much much more! I’ve written an article every 2.4 days on average on subjects as diverse as aliens, ghosts, God/no-God, cryptozoology, government cover-ups, the media, spectral footprints, space exploration, secret medicine… and of course Hospital Portering. And there’ll be more of that in the year ahead I promise. As long as the Internet remains free and the threat of the NWO is at large, HPANWO will be there to challenge it!


Michael Skaggs said...

Happy Birthday HPANWO and Ben! Congrats mate on making it a whole year and here's to many more inspirational ones!

Keep up the great work though I may not comment on all your articles, you can betcha I love your creativity when I read them. You present the sense of another down to Earth real person. (Have your blog posted on my RSS feed at Hidden Agendas by the way.)

Keep spreading the truth my friend.
Be well.

Jenn said...

Cheers and best wishes for the future! What you're doing is important, and I'm lucky to listen.

Alex Robinson said...

Many happy returns Ben
I thought you'd be posting for heaps longer - didn't realise you were a young one.
Hope you're celebrating in style

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the anniversary greetings! I hope to celebrtate many more of them on HPANWO.

Thanks for your support and interest over the last 12 months.


Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Professor Emlyn-Jones! Great Gno-ing your Leonine baby has reached its one year mark! It's always an oasis to pause & refresh my(s)elf at in the sphere of bloggo. Sorry I mist thuh festivities, though ... I bake a mean banana-walnut bread, really a cake, with an orange-vanilla icing, ALL FROM SCRATCH!

Say, have ya been ta that holloworbs (dot) com site yet? Remember that "Inner" intones the countless miles of (sometimes) interconnecting cavern complexes within the mantle, whereas "Hollow" means THEE very most Terra Incognito inside the globe, with its own luminary body, land masses, bodies of water, plant & animal kingdoms, and, purportedly, twelve foot tall denizens with their own civilisation! Cheers & best wishes for many, many more happy solar revolutions to come ( :-)}

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Anadae. I should have got you to make HPANWO a REAL birthday cake!

Have you been reading Michael Mott's book? It's on my list! It makes me wonder why "Project Mohole" got cancelled. Were they worried that something masty might come out of the hole!

kerstin said...

Missed your blog birthday Ben, due to temporarily having a first world life rather than just a second life. But, congratulations!
I also assumed you'd been doing it for ages...
Keep up the good work. You actually do a bit of legwork rather getting it all off wikipedia and Amazon book orders...
And you are right, hospital porters are important as are cleaners, mothers, cooks, nurses, poets and all those other underpaid jobs.

Basil said...

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