Tuesday 10 February 2009

The Military- Do We Need It?

First let me say that I do truly do believe that humanity is going through a magnificent rise in consciousness and that completely peaceful world is perfectly possible. In fact it’s more than possible; it’s our destiny! War is not a product of the natural human state; it is an aberration. But after 2012 (or whenever) and the Illuminati are gone, we won’t all wake up suddenly one morning as priests of High Atlantis. We’ve become addicted to the Illuminati, like a drug or an abusive partner! There are no rehab clinics for us to check into, no domestic violence helplines; we’ll have to do cold turkey! World peace will not happen straight away, nor will it be easy to achieve. There will be a transitional period during which violence might still occur. In that situation it will be necessary to form armed organizations to defend our communities. To fail to do so could be suicidal.

As I’ve discussed on several other articles, the War on Terror is not one of these necessities; on the contrary, it’s a symptom of the very social pathology generated by the Illuminati. Despite my opposition to it, and all other manipulated wars, does this mean that the armed forces exist wholly for fighting such manipulated wars per se? Is there a legitimate role for the armed forces in the post-Illuminati transitional period? I think yes, for the reasons I state above. Some people suggest that the solution to manipulated wars is to abolish the entire war machine everywhere. But to simply disband the entire global military in one fell swoop means that all the military skills, experience and technological infrastructure will be lost. These things may well mean the difference between life-and death in the immediate post-Illuminati world. David Icke often says: “If you’re in the military, get out now while you still can”, but to prevent manipulated wars, war crimes, the killing of women and children etc, it is not necessary to quit the military; all that is necessary is simply to not do those things. In 1989 when the Chinese army was sent into Beijing to wipe out the student demonstrations, the first unit mutinied. There is that famous film of one man stopping a column of tanks by standing in front of them; then the driver sticks his head up and they have a conversation. The sanctity of the chain-of-command is something specially-designed by the Illuminati to break through a soldier’s personal conscience in the hope that they will commit atrocities. But it’s not just the military; the virtue of the “do as you’re told” ethos can be found in almost any job; it’s just more subtle in other professions. It will have to go if we’re to be free.

But I’m convinced that the transitional period will be followed by a truly peaceful world. There’s no reason at all why it should not. We live in a world where there are enough resources for everyone; the many wars caused by the engineered illusion that there’s not enough to go round so we have to scramble for what’s left will no longer happen when that illusion is blown apart. For instance when Free Energy is available to the public wars for oil fields will become totally superfluous. We’re also coming to understand that at a higher level we share the same soul and to hurt another is to hurt yourself. When this happens we will indeed be able to throw away all our weapons, but we need to wait until that time is here.

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Devin said...

Boy do you have that right Ben!! I do so hope the people who are seeing signs of 'awakeness' are right-sometimes I think I do -and then a day later something will happen to completely wreck the idea-great post as always-that is the precise reason for 'consciousness breaking' in military-so glad you posted about it and also about Beijing in 1989-best to you as always!!

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Cheers, Devin. I don't think I'll ever have it totally right. I'm always amending my views about everything I say, like I did on the LHC. I'm very anti-robotic, Conformist behavior, and when I see the Household troops marching outside Buckingham Palace to celebrate Her
Illuminati-ness' birthday I'm looking at robotic Conformism: individulas all wearing the smae uniform, moving the same way in formation. I've come to see it as so obvious that society is purposefully-designed to create the Conformist metality. Thanks for your comments, mate.

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Ace post, Ben. Just last night, in its entirety of approx. an hour twenty minutes, I found a film by the surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) young independent filmmaker, Ben Stewart, "KYMATICA".

In it, he explains the reasons behind the proliferation of the arms race & the ever-burgeoning strength of the military-industrial complex as well as a particular bloodline concerned with "lording" over us plebes, how the Earth itself is an organism in need of health maintenance just as much as we are, how the schism created in society (read: stratification) is exploited by this Illumina-elite, how the genocidal campaign waged against the indigenous cultures of the New World was part of their plan to subjugate everyone, and many other salient observations. It can be viewed here, gratis:


Truly a superlative job. Very easy on the eyes & ears. Enjoy.
Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I'm watching it now, Anadae. Got through the first 20 minutes; might not be able to finish it all before work. What an extraordinary piece of cinema! How creative the modern generation is! As Credo Mutwa says: "There's a God being born in all of us." Thanks very much for bringing it to my attention.

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

You got it, bro; one hand washes the other ~ A.E. ( :-)}

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Yeah! Fascinating! I've just started a thread about it on the HPANWO Forum.

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Excellent, son! You completely rock! ~ A.E. ( :-)}