Thursday 24 June 2010

Get Well Soon, Jack!

This is an emergency HPANWO post. I’m asking all of you to join me in sending thoughts and vibes of healing and wellbeing to the man known to regular HPANWO readers as “Jack”. For background see here: .

Jack is a person I’ve known since 2006. Although I’ve only briefly met him twice and know very little about him, I’ve come to consider him as a friend. He is a very brave and dedicated man who has spoken out about a very deep and dark secret in our country’s history, and that of the world. He has done this at great personal risk, and risk to his family and friends. He has also treated me with the utmost respect, sensitivity and understanding and taken steps to protect me from any repercussions of his actions, should they fall.

I’ve recently received word that Jack has been taken ill. He was struck down by heart problems a few days ago and admitted to hospital in a serious condition. I’m afraid that’s all I know at present and I’ll keep you posted with any developments, but I’m concerned for him. Obviously he’s an elderly man, although he’s always seemed very fit and healthy when I’ve seen him. We can only hope and pray. Get well soon, Jack! My thoughts are with you!

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Alex Robinson said...

Be well Jack!

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Alex X

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, Jack.

Footie McGrew

Anonymous said...

As for Headington subway - RIP. In Poland we'd use to joke about doing something in very primitive and brutal, unsensitive manner: filling with concrete. I can see now, that also here it is a common way :] Anyway, I'll also miss this part of Headington; as unique as this famous "shark in the roof". Well, THEY (whoever they really are) want to take everything which is a bit original from us, scrap by scrap, don't they?
PS: Another article to scrapbook, Ben, from today's Oxford Mail - don't forget ;)



Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Brother Porter. "Filling with concrete" is a very good expression. We need something similar in English! It's sad that wherever you go in the world these days all we see is the same, same, SAME everything. The world is just a hall of mirrors refelcting the standard, trendy, corporate Edward L Bernays crap!

"If you're in Marketing and Advettizing... kill yourselves!" Bill Hicks

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Good news! Jack is doing well. He was still in hospital as of last week, but his condition is improving. Hope he gets home soon and has no further illness. Thank you to everyone who sent him thoughts of wellness.