Sunday 17 February 2008

David Shayler- The Messiah?

David Shayler is a man I've come to admire a lot over the years. He started out as an MI5 officer who became a rogue whistle-blower with a conscience stronger than his misplaced loyalty to the Blair regime. He revealed that the UK govt was funding and training anti-government terrorists in Lybia, in the same way the USA did in South America a generation earlier. For this he was exiled and imprisoned. After that he joined the 9/11 Truth Movement for which I've worked too. Then came the bombshell: last year at the Glastonbury Symposium, he announced that he was the Messiah. For this a lot of his fans deserted and denounced him. This is a shame because the saying of strange things is often the first sign of a spiritual awakening. It echoes the experience of David Icke in the early 90's. This film is actually encouraging because Shayler looks very well in it and that's good to see. His theology may be rather dodgy, but I respect him for speaking out. People say he's crazy? They say he's lost his credibility? Well I think that, in this world, it's a far bigger insult to be called "sane" "normal" or a "good citizen". Shine on, David!


babage said...

Who told him chav was Hebrew for king lol.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

It's actually Romany for
"Child". I thought he was perfect! Boo hoo!

babage said...

Hes not the son of God hes just a very naughty boy.