Monday 7 April 2008

9/11 Truth Poem

The Skeptics keep telling me:
9/11 truthers are heartless exploiters
They trample on the graves of the thousands who died to indulge in their wacky fantasies.
I'm glad they told me that that. I'm sorry. I will try to be more sensitive in future.
I will try to show genuine respect for the victims.

And I have.
The other day I saw an old lady getting kicked to death in the street by a gang of thugs.
The thugs then took the handbag from her dead bloodsoaked hands.
I was going to shout for help and call the police, but then I remembered: If I do that I'm a heartless exploiter.
So I kept quiet and didn't tell anyone.
I'm glad I've shown respect for the poor woman's memory.

Can we show respect for the 9/11 victims in the same way?
Can we keep quiet and not call for help?
Can we let the thugs who did it get away with it?
Or are we going to shout out, call for help, be heartless exploiters?


Alex Robinson said...

Have been pondering on this lately - the irrational abuse that 'rational' people hurl at those who choose to question.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Did you see "9/11- The Conspiracy Files" by the BBC. It was atrocious! I've never seen such unprofessional journalism in my life! If they were that sure we were wroing they'd simply be able to tell us why and be done with it! That's what I keep telling Babage: They only shoot the messenger when they can't shoot the message.

Alex Robinson said...

I haven't seen that, but I've seen / heard enough of the savagery aimed at 'questioners' to start questioning what drives this.

I don't know of many areas as viciously attacked as truthseekers. It smacks of extreme racism or religious fanaticism - which I think it is - 'the deifying of Logic'.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

It's the gatekeepers of normality desperatly tyring to hold their house of cards up.

Abram said...

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