Friday 10 October 2008

UK Probe Conference- October '08


My traditional Friday afternoon walk along the seafront at St Anne’s was once of the most pleasant ever. The sun was shining and it was very warm. The air was clear and I could see for miles across the Ribble estuary. The skyline of Southport is always visible, but this day I could see the tenuous gossamer ghosts of hills in North Wales on the horizon. Over the past 3 years I’ve spent 25 days in this town and I’ve grown very fond of it. I love the red brick buildings and long, straight, square streets. There were many military aircraft flying overhead because of Exercise Joint Warrior. Despite its name it’s not a spliff party, but a massive naval and amphibious exercise in the Irish Sea involving ships, submarines, aircraft with marines and amphibious troop landers of several nations (There are many theories behind the purpose of this). As I approached my hotel I saw my first Probe-buddies: Val and Fred; they were just coming out of the door. We greeted each other and commented on the “coincidence”, a minor example of what Brain Halliwell would discuss during the conference. This conference was a bit different because I wasn’t here alone. Susan, a friend from the David Icke forum and anti-NWO protests, was coming too. Unfortunately due to hiccups in her traveling schedule she turned up much later than expected in the Number 15 pub where she made short work of a much-needed strong ale or too; she’d made the same mistake I made at my first Probe: traveling by coach! Before Susan turned up I met John, another Probe-buddy and we had a lovely chat in this lovely pub, one I’ve passed by many times but not been in before. It’s a very old pub that looks small from the street, but goes back a long way. We had a few more drinks while Susan read us some of her poetry. We headed for the Carlton Hotel soon after to meet the others and relished the joyous process of being reunited with them. Ellis Taylor, and Brian Allan were there to do speeches and Dave, Tony, Sid and many others came through the door into the happy warmth of the bar. Two who were notable by their absence were Matt and Suzie Delooze. They’re in South America right now and weren’t willing to swap the lush, tropical heat of the Amazon rainforest for the fresh, bracing drizzle of the Lancashire coast… for some reason. Marion and her husband Dennis “the Orb Man” came in loaded down with a laptop and proceeded to regale us with their tales of crop circle investigation. They’d been camping out in Wiltshire and were the first researchers to come across a very large and complex formation in the famous Alton Barnes East Field. Dennis is quite powerfully psychic and every time I meet him he does something that surprises me. Last time it was giving me a very accurate Tarot reading, this time it was that I noticed that he radiates a lot of heat. You can feel it if you stand close to him and if you hold your hand out near him he’s like a gas fire! Yet, very strangely, his skin feels normal to the touch.
The conference was at the YMCA Centre as usual, only this time we were moved from the big auditorium upstairs to the sports hall. This caused some problems with our sound system and the proceedings were frequently disturbed by noise coming from the aerobics studio next door. As always there was a massive array of stalls with all manner of merchandise to choose from. I could have spent hundreds of pounds there, if only I’d had it! I had some difficult choices to make and ended getting Mary Rodwell’s DVD’s, Brian Allan’s new book and a book called Alien Base by my favourite UFOlogist, Timothy Good. I bought this as a present for Susan, but I hope she’ll lend it to me when she’s finished with it (If you’re reading this, Sue!) The speakers were all as great as usual and I’ve reproduced my interpretation of what they said to the best of my understanding, based on notes I took during their speeches. If any of them are reading this, or anybody else better-informed, and I’ve made some mistakes then I apologize:

Brian Halliwell “The World of Synchronicity”
Have you ever bumped into somebody you haven’t seen in years and then see them again just a few days later? “Wow! It’s a small world isn’t it!?” is a catchphrase that passes most people’s lips because this kind of thing happens to almost everyone at some point in their lives. Brian spoke about the Point Pleasant Mothman at my first Probe in autumn 2006 and it was good to see him back. This time he delved into the world of what Skeptics call “coincidence”. He gave some examples: In 1668 a ship sunk near Liverpool; 60 people were killed and there was one survivor whose name was Hugh. In 1828, exactly 160 years later to the day, a ship near Liverpool was sunk and 60 people drowned; only one man survived and his name was Hugh. What’s more the very same thing with all the same parameters happened 30 years to the day after that! The chances of that sequence of events happening are incalculably small, but maybe they are better than another of Brian’s examples: In 1916 a troopship from the Great War was sailing off the coast of Brittany when it was torpedoed by a German submarine. The men on board had time to get everyone into the lifeboats, but they all had to leave their kit behind. One of the soldiers who survived emmigrated to the United States after the war and settled down in New York City. One day, many years after the attack on his ship, the man was walking along a beach in New York, dreamily looking at the sea as it washed up on the sand when he spotted a shaving brush. He picked it up because it reminded him of a standard army-issue shaving brush, which it was. He saw that its owner’s name was carved into the handle, common practice during the war to prevent kit-pilfering. To his utter amazement, he read his own name! He remembered carving it himself! It was his own brush that was in his kit on the ship that had sunk on the other side of the Atlantic all those years ago! There was also a woman in Bulgaria whose husband was killed when he was struck by lightening in the garden. She married again, but lost her second husband also to a lightening strike; what’s more it happened in the garden again! The woman was devastated by the incredible bad fortune of losing both her husbands in the same unlikely way so she went to the doctor to be treated for stress. She and the doctor got to know each other very well and a few years later they got married. Then one day her third husband went out into the garden as a thunderstorm was raging… and you can guess the rest! It seems that the universe has a rather dark sense of humour! These are just a few of many examples. Is it just the selective perception of “coincidence”, because after all the world is such a huge and complex entity that synchronous events like these should be bound to happen sooner or later, shouldn’t they? Brian thinks not. He believes they are worthy of further study and I so do I. Some of these incidents are so improbable, just one of them, that for them to happen by chance within the lifetime of the physical universe is itself against the odds of nature. The man who found his old shaving brush found his own brush, not just anyone’s, his own! It had washed up on the very beach on the very day that he happened to be there to find it after riding the currents over 3000 miles of open ocean. Just a single one of these parameters can be counted in the billions to 1, but put them all together and the statistics spiral into practical infinity. Yet they happen, to most people, every day. So if they are not coincidences what are they? Non-Coincidence Theorists use the word “Synchronicity”, but what is that exactly? In 1951 the famous psychoanalyst and colleague of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, gave a lecture on this very subject based on years of research into synchronicity in which he had concluded that the collective unconscious, the mass mind of all conscious beings, influences the material world around it. He never managed to convince his pal Freud who saw the unconscious as a rather messy and frightening hellhole of primal urges and inhumane desires that drove the ego-mind but had no influence on the world beyond the borders of its owner; however Jung remained certain that there was more to it than that. It was the transcript of Jung’s lecture and its accompanying paper that attracted Brian’s interest. Jung decided to explore theories that lie beyond the realms of conventional physical causality. He saw the world as a living product of thought rather than a mere inanimate solid matrix through which the mind moves and perceives. His views were similar to many more recent researchers who speak of a “holographic universe” and Quantum positioning. He also reckoned that by simply accepting synchronicity for what it is rather than dismissing it like Coincidence Theorists do, you’re more likely to experience it. He did so himself when he began his study. One day he had a patient on the couch and she was telling him about a dream she had involving a scarab beetle. At that very moment a scarab beetle flew in through the window and landed on his desk! Jung eventually designed an experiment; he made predictions using astrology to determine the fate of particular people and found out that his predictions were more capable than random chance. He developed an analogy: The mind is like an island, but it’s not separate from others. Islands may seem separate, but they’re linked by a solid seabed. You can even walk between some of them at low tide. Brian sees this as good news. We are not merely the helpless playthings of random chance, but active participants; not just actors, but playwrights and directors of our own drama, who can influence our surroundings on a psychic level. Brian is delighted by this revelation and so am I.

Ellis Taylor “Dogged Days”
Ellis is an old friend and Probe-buddy of mine whom I’ve known for years and I’ve followed his work closely. He’s a qualified hypnotherapist and professional numerologist. He’s gone through a lot of changes in his life in the last year or two and has made this the subject of a series of articles and a new book called Dogged Days which he hopes to publish soon. He has recently moved house and now lives in an old cottage in rural Oxfordshire which seems to be the focus of many paranormal events and forces, as does Ellis himself. His health has deteriorated recently, but his psychic sight has increased. He regularly sees people shape-shifting now; and on one occasion in recent months he walked through a big shopping centre in Nevada and came face to face with dozens of people with Reptilian and other non-human occupiers in their etheric bodies. He often experiences strange events that appear to occur outside the field of this space-time continuum and has written and spoken about this before. Last year he was driving up to his friends Ann and Paul Andrews’ house in Lincolnshire (See: and he encountered a motorway service station that doesn’t normally exist; it had nobody in it except a pair of teenagers and many more very peculiar things happened, including spectral wild dogs appearing at his bedside during the night. But for Ellis the peculiar is the norm, and has been his entire life. During this lecture he explained how on a separate occasion when he was driving from the town of North Walsham in Norfolk to Ann and Paul’s, he pulled up in a layby on the way and saw a lorry parked in front of him. On the side of the vehicle was the word “REPCO”, and that came back to him later when he saw a TV documentary on the Moors Murderers which featured a vehicle with the same word on it. After a while he continued his journey but got lost, which is most unusual because he knows the roads round there well. He went down a road and came to a no-entry sign and had to retrace his steps. Eventually when he arrived at the Andrews’ house he had a few hours missing time! Clearly something strange happened to him in that layby and it wouldn’t be the first time. Oddly enough the place where Ellis’ experience took place was very near the base of the old Sandringham Company of the Norfolk Regiment, an entire army unit that mysteriously vanished while fighting at Gallipoli in 1915. Ellis attended the Laughlin UFO Conference in Nevada a few months ago and here he was struck by more odd and disturbing experiences. He was debagged at Customs when trying to board a plane in Las Vegas airport after leaving the conference to go and visit his family in Australia. When I first heard about this I joked that they simply objected to him passing through the city without putting on a bet! But in fact this was just the finale of a whole cannon of weird occurrences. He was resting at a hotel before the drive to Laughlin when he was hit by waves of energy. It was soon after that that he saw the shopping centre, or “mall” as the Americans call it, with the people shape-shifting. He saw more people shape-shift at the conference and saw an alien standing behind his friend Mike Oram as Mike did his lecture (Here’s Mike’s very interesting autobiography, featuring his own experiences with beings from other worlds: Ellis took a photo of a similar entity looking over the shoulder of Jason Andrews, Ann’s son, as he spoke at Probe a few years ago. I’ve seen that photo and I can tell you that it is most impressive; a very clear and recognizable image of a “Grey”-type being. Ellis left Nevada and got to Sydney safely, but his luggage took another six weeks to arrive, after it had been rummaged by US Homeland Security! They obviously suspected him of being a terrorist, which is not saying much; anyone could be a terrorist according to their criteria! However it still seems strange that Ellis was singled out in this way. From Sydney he traveled on to his former hometown of Perth in Western Australia. Once there he suffered a wave of strange night time disturbances, including waking up with strange marks on his body. He quickly took photos of them because they faded fast. He took specimens of his skin and sent them to Oxford University to be analyzed and the results showed that they were not normal; something bizarre really did happen to Ellis during those nights. Ellis is an old hand at this because he’s been through these periods in his life previously. He’s had encounters with all manner of alien entities, including many specimens from the menagerie that Mary Rodwell speaks of below. He has memories of these experiences going back to early childhood as far as he can remember. The Conformist explanation for all this is that Ellis is suffering from psychotic delusions, but this is not true. I’ve spent some time with Ellis and observed some of the same phenomena he has, although not as extreme I’m glad to say. Anyone who looks beneath the surface will see that Ellis’ experiences do have an objective reality and deserve to be taken seriously. And the next two speakers would most certainly agree.

Brian Allan “The Hole in the Sky”
Brain is a paranormal investigator and theorist and he and his wife Ann are regulars at Probe; and this is the second time I’ve heard him speak there. (Although I also saw him when he addressed the Now That’s Weird Conference in June: In a way his lecture was a follow-on and expansion on what Brian Halliwell said. He explained some of the physics behind the model of a holistic and organic universe. The title of his lecture and accompanying book refers to the phenomenon known the physicists as a wormhole or Einstein-Rosen bridge, however it goes by other names like “Stargate” or “portal”. It has been symbolized in fiction as the “gates” in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy or the wardrobe in CS Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. It is literally a rupture in space-time through which it might be possible to find other universes, other dimensional plains which may be very different to our own. The Greek myth of the River Styx is a good analogy for the hyperspace between universes, with the ghoulish, skeletal boatman Charon, a cipher for the wormhole. This is very topical because as I’ve reported ( scientists at CERN have started to seriously look into the possibility of investigating other universes. Brian feels confident that the LHC presents no danger, however he still cautions against the casual use of wormholes. Opening a door to other dimensions could allow whatever is in those other dimensions to get into ours; and that could be virtually anything! The 2007 film The Mist ( is a good example of a bad (not worst!) case scenario. It is about a small seaside village that is hit by a bank of thick mist when a nearby government research laboratory accidentally opens a wormhole into another dimension. In this mist are terrifying monsters that begin attacking the people. The survivors take shelter in a supermarket and wait for rescue. I’ve discussed this film with Brian and he thinks it’s an accurate fictionalization of a possible real event; however the scenario it describes could happen naturally too. Natural forces could open a wormhole. The Skinwalker Ranch in Utah is the site of almost every paranormal phenomenon you that of can imagine; its story is like that of the Andrews’ house writ large! The ranch has been bought by NIDS ( and they are conducting an investigation that seems to indicate the presence of a portal there. Portals appear in other places too and strange phenomena invariably accompany them. Brian has been very closely involved with the research on one of these places: Rosslyn Chapel, but he’s discovered others in Scotland. There’s portal in the Esk valley near Rosslyn which has a very occult past. Underground chambers have been discovered there and nobody knows how far they go down or what can be found in them. ELF radio waves, Extremely Low Frequency, of 30 Hertz or less, is very powerful and can even penetrate the ocean, unlike other radio waves. For this reason it is used by the government to communicate with submarines. There’s an even bigger ELF station at the HAARP laboratory in Alaska. But could this kind of radiation effect humans? It does seem to. People living near the transmitters often experience “the Hum”, a strange noise that seems to have no obvious source. Experiments with powerful electromagnetic fields have a long and sordid history, like the Philadelphia Experiment which allegedly tried to make a warship invisible but went horribly wrong and killed half the crew and sent the ship out of this universe. All these hazardous, industrial, hi-tech methods for breaking the boundaries of physical reality might not be necessary because it appears that the very best wormhole, the best Charon’s boat, is our own mind, albeit in an altered state of consciousness. Brian showed some of the paintings by Pablo Ameringo, a Peruvian Shaman who paints pictures of what he sees when he’s on an Ayahuasca trip. They depict objects that uncannily resemble Western descriptions of UFO’s and Greys. Some Western occultists have also seen these things, many years before the concept of UFO’s and Greys became popular. John Dee, the “cunning man” and friend of Queen Elizabeth I, saw them; and so did Aleister Crowley in the 19th and early 20th Century Crowley conducted a spell called the “Abramelin Working” at his home at Boleskine House beside Loch Ness and Brian thinks he opened a portal that is still open to this day because Bolsekine House has been the focus of paranormal events, just like Skinwalker Ranch. Crowley attracted a lot of followers around the world and one of them was the American rocket scientist Jack Parsons. Parsons even called Crowley “my father”. In 1947, the year Crowley died, Parsons gathered a group of friends including the actress Marjorie Cameron and L Ron Hubbard, founder of scientology. They drove to a spot north of Las Vegas which some claim was the place where Area 51 now stands. There they carried out a powerful magical ritual, similar to Crowley’s Boleskine one, that opened a portal. And 1947 was a very big year for strange events, especially in the west of North America. These included the Kenneth Arnold sighting and Roswell. Brian thinks that the real magicians of the modern day are Quantum physicists. It could be that a new sort of magic is at work in our world, for good or ill.

Mary Rodwell (Part 1)
Mary Rodwell is a lady I’ve heard a lot about because she’s a friend of Ellis’ and worked with him in Western Australia. In fact it was hearing Ellis' encounter experiences which inspired her to get into her current line of work and establish ACERN, the Australian Close Encounters Resources Network. I’ve read her book Awakening and it was very interesting (see title link) She used to be a nurse, midwife and counselor in Britain but when she moved to Australia in 1991 she found a new calling. She began to meet people who related the most extraordinary experiences: they had had encounters with intelligent creatures that were not from this world; what’s more they could prove that they were real. As more and more of these people came into her life Mary realized that there was no organization or society that catered for their needs because conventional wisdom rejects these kinds of experiences as epiphenomenal delusion. As Mary researched this phenomenon it became clear that it was something that affected many people; many more than were willing to openly admit it. It was also a global phenomenon and people from all over the world were affected. Some of these people developed remarkable abilities as a result of their encounters, psychic powers, high intelligence, healing and being able to speak and write in unknown languages. Very young children report these encounters, almost as soon as they’re old enough to speak. They often come out with information that they couldn’t possibly know through conventional means; in fact it seems that some of the extraterrestrial beings have a mission to educate human children. One child said “I learn more on the ships than I do at school”. Adults affected come from all walks of life and do not all fall into the condescending popular characterization of “UFO nuts”. They include, among others, an Australian model and an Israeli computer engineer. Mary has learned to be a counselor and made a list of questions that she asks her clients to determine what kind of experience they’ve had. “Do you have strange marks on your body or objects inside it that you can’t explain? Do you suffer from disturbed sleep, stress, mood swings, changed personality and strange phobias? Do you experience missing time? Do animals behave strangely towards you; dogs growl, cats hiss etc? Does electrical equipment break down when you’re near it? Are you shy and self conscious? Do you dislike crowds and feel the urge to move away from towns into the country? Do you have “strange dreams”? Do you feel like an outcast and that you don’t belong here? Do you feel that your parents are not your own and only step-parents, and that your real parents are ET’s? Do you feel that you’re not really human and come from “somewhere else”? Do you have past life memories, especially memories of lives on other places than Earth? Do you feel that you have some sort of purpose or mission in your life here on Earth? Do you find human hostility incomprehensible and intolerable? Do you feel very bad about environmental destruction and want very much to defend the natural world?” If you answer “yes” to many of these questions you may be experiencing ET contact. Mary describes some of the beings the experiencers encounter. Remarkably, many people who’ve had no contact with each other see the very same creatures. There’s a very long list of different beings, indeed it seems that the number of extraterrestrial species contacting humanity is almost as many as the number of physical animal species on Earth! The classic “Grey” is the species that has entered popular culture, but it is by no means alone; many less well-known ones regularly visit experiencers: Some dedicated researchers, through interviewing experiencers, have gathered information on the attributes and personalities of the various creatures. There’s the “Praying Mantis” that resembles a giant version of the insect of that name. It is popular with its contactees and seems to be wise and benevolent. The same can be said of the “Lion Man”, a being that is humanoid, but is covered with golden fur and has a lion-like mane and a feline face (It makes me wonder if the Sphinx of Egypt is meant to symbolize this being!). They’re often described as “spiritual warriors”. There’s the “Owl man” that is like a Grey, but it has owl-like features; indeed it is sometimes seen in the form of an owl when it first tries to make contact. Some beings are very humanoid like the classic “Nordics” and other human-like creatures that sometimes wear wooly jumpers! There are pixie-like beings too and even some that resemble the Teletubbies! (Or is it the other way round? Did the people who produce the TV show see the beings first in contact experiences!?) Images of ET’s are not confined to modern reports; they’re described in everything from mediaeval paintings to native African mythology and Australian Aboriginal petroglyphs. It’s obvious that something very strange but manifestly real is going on here. Unlike those who support the Conformist paradigm, I don’t believe that the strangeness of something can be used as a reason to claim its non-existence.

I had dinner in The Admiral with Susan on Saturday evening and later John turned up, but the usual crowd was nowhere to be seen. I think this is because it’s Matt and Suzie who tend to be the centre of the Admiral group. We all got together later at the Carlton though and I went to bed before most of the others; exhausted, but very happy and slept like Rip van Winkle. Then I braced myself for another information download as the Sunday session approached:

Mary Rodwell (Part 2)
Mary’s second speech on Sunday morning continued where she’d left off the day before. There are a group of young alien contactees who have become known as “star kids” or “indigo children” and there are people who now study them like Roger Leir. One well-known one is the Russian boy “Borriska”. Star kids are highly intelligent, wise and mature beyond their years. Mary shows a clip from her DVD where a young Australian woman shows her amazing artwork that is inspired by her encounters with ET’s; this is something I can’t describe and you need to watch Mary’s DVD’s and see it for yourself! But it could be a kind of Tesseract, the 3D shadow of a 4D object. Brian Allan once had an actual psychic encounter with a Tesseract. In the film another young woman, Rochelle, whom Jean knows and says she’s the most beautiful person she’s ever met, is shown giving healing to a patient on a coach. She goes into an altered state of consciousness, chants in an unknown language and makes strange gestures in the air above the supine patient. This is all caused by her working directly with extradimensional ET’s to diagnose and heal the pathology. It looks like an unusual form of Reiki or the Spiritualist hands-on healing I’ve had myself which has been very effective. The language is not like a human language. It has no obvious grammar and vocabulary and can’t be translated into any human tongue. Its speakers describe it as a verbal primer to direct psychic information. It contains far more information than a physical language and just a few words can encode as much information into it as a whole library full of books. Some parents react angrily to what is happening to their children; they say: “What right do you have to do this to my child!? To interfere, to impose on our parenthood!?” The aliens reply: “We have every right. They are one of us, as are you.” ET contact often runs in families. Mary rejects any idea that some kind of catastrophe is about to befall the Earth because there’s no way the ET’s would go to such an effort to awaken the spiritual and mental minds of humanity if we were all going to get wiped out by 2012 or Planet X etc. She told us not to worry about the Illuminati; there is nothing they can do to stop the Star Kids; they’re helpless in the wake of this awakening of humanity’s consciousness. I’ve been discussing online with someone who believes that all alien abductions are simply hoaxes, designed by the Intelligence network to cover up the fact that it is the Government alone who are doing abductions, to carry out secret experiments on the human population. This is probably true in some cases; “MILAB’s” (MILitary ABductions) are real, but Mary’s work, among others, shows that this explanation cannot possibly account for the entire phenomenon. ET contact is a genuine thing. But people report all kinds of experiences with extraterrestrial beings. Some are like the ones Mary reports in her speech, very pleasant and enlightening. There are some ET’s out there who are friendly, loving and very spiritually advanced who really want to help us evolve. But others are not so nice. Many people have experiences that are akin to anaesthetic-free surgery, torture and mutilation. The aliens leave them exhausted, injured and ill; some encounters are even fatal. Mary herself mentions the Reptilians; most people who report encounters with these beings find them frightening and unfriendly. ET’s are not a single species from a single place; they are many different beings, as different from each other as they are from us. They have extremely varying agendas.

Edmund Marriage “Serpent Knowledge and History”
Edmund Marriage comes from a lineage of maverick archaeologists because he’s the cousin of Barbara-Joy O’Brien who wrote the book The Genius of a Few along with her husband Christian. His family is dedicated to proving that religion and history as we know it is a lie. Civilization is not the product of singular one-time-only development from Palaeolithic hunter-gatherers. Sure, there were hunter-gatherers, but they were themselves preceded by an antediluvian civilization. This is a virtually universal myth: An ancient civilization is destroyed by a catastrophe, sometimes because it is being punished for immoral behavior, and human culture must begin again from Square 1. Most commonly in the Western world it is the legend of Noah and the Ark, and Plato’s Atlantis. But it’s also present in the myths of almost all cultures. It echoes in the Welsh folk tale of Cantref y Gwaelod, the Zulu legend of Zaralelli and the Polynesian myth of Nan-madol. It exists across the world is societies that have supposedly had neither physical contact nor a chance to swap ideas. Edmund has uncovered evidence that traces the route the survivors of the global catastrophe, described in all these myths, took and how they created the modern world. He’s located the very spot where it all restarted! The centre for this renaissance is a place called Bekka Valley in the south of the country today called Lebanon. It is here that what Plato called the “teachers”, the craftsmen of the skills of civilization taught the people agriculture, the epitome of civilization because it allowed us to control natural food growth. They taught us how to farm crops and domesticate animals. According to the world’s oldest civilization that history recognizes, Sumer, the leaders of these teachers was a man called An and a woman called Gabrielle Ninkharsag. Women and men were equal in their society. They were soon joined by “the Watchers” and began their programme of teaching, not just agriculture, but carpentry, building, water purifying, law and all the other keystones of civilization. Plato knew who these people were and they were called the “Pilots”. The catastrophe which destroyed the antediluvian culture of their ancestors was wiped out around 48,000 BC and it seems likely to have been a comet impact. It caused an ice age mixed with millennia of extreme heat which led the survivors of the impact to return to “barbarism”. The initial impact caused the upper atmosphere to descend to the ground which was what caused the instant freezing of Siberia, including Wooly Mammoths plunged into cryo-suspension standing with mouthfuls of grass between their teeth. The Earth was altered on its axis and this can be seen by the angle of the various star shafts in the Great Pyramid. The shaft leading from the King’s Chamber targets Alpha Draconis, yet the shaft in the Queen’s Chamber lines up with Epsilon Orionis; this makes it look like the Great Pyramid was built to commemorate this great axis shift, or maybe to recalibrate the calendar and clock to take account of the new orbit and inclination of the planet. Edmund believes Stonehenge was too. This was a terrible cataclysm and it’s a miracle the Earth survived. A 50km long gash has been found near New Zealand that was caused by this impact. The shock waves lifted some parts of the surface and lowered others. For instance Lake Titicaca was raised from sea level to 15,000 feet! There are signs in Madagascar of a 600 foot tsunami that damaged mountainsides 30 kilometers from the sea. This was the time that Atlantis was sunk, leaving only its mountaintops, today called the Azores. Amazingly, a Cardiff University survey of the seabed around the Azores matches the description of Atlantis that has reached us through Solon and Plato perfectly. There is also biological evidence that supports the view of Edmund and his forebears. It turns out that the huge variety of domesticated crops used all over the world can be traced by their DNA back to the original batch grown in the highlands of southern Lebanon all those millennia ago; this notably includes seeds that are supposed to originate from the pre-Columbian “New World”. There are actually Native American myths that speak of a group of wise men who entered the American continents from the East after a great flood and toured the land spreading knowledge and technology with them. This is what the Viracocha were, and interestingly the statues of the Viracocha at Tihuanaco show them looking like bearded Westerners, not clean-faced Indians! The Bekka Valley is the site of the real Garden of Eden and the “two rivers” that are usually interpreted as the Tigris and Euphrates are actually the rivers Orontes and Litani. So Eden was not originally in Mesopotamia, but in Lebanon! One would expect to find archaeological evidence of this prehistoric civilization in the Bekka Valley itself, and we do. Not just old stone huts either, but a technologically sophisticated culture that had the power to harness the rivers and use them for irrigation. The old reservoir and watercourses in the valley are still visible on Google Earth. The chief God of this embryonic culture was not paternal, but maternal; and this was symbolized as a serpent. Since Bekka the Serpent Goddess can be found all over the world to represent irrigation and agriculture. In South America she is called “Pasha Mama”, but her Bekka name was Gabrielle Ninkharsag, co-creator of the world with An. The Book of Genesis is not only wrong, but a deliberate lie devised by dogmatic religion to hide our true heritage from us. The hierarchy of names in the Bekka pantheon resemble the names of the angels, take Gabriel; it is borrowed from Gabrielle Ninkharsag! Sumerian relieves are probably the best clue we have to the origin of their religion because they depict their God’s holding up farming equipment; ploughs, spades and forks etc! Agricultural teachers are the true founding fathers of our civilization; both in terms of its practical workings and its religions. This is fascinating information that links directly to the work of other maverick alternative historians like the Flem-Aths, Graham Hancock and Erich von Daniken.

Ralph Ellis “King Jesus”
I’ve met Ralph Ellis before, in fact this is the third time I’ve heard his lecture (
and; he has not changed any of it, but I still find it fascinating. It’s really a must for anyone interested in Biblical and ecclesiastical mysteries and should please Dan Brown fans and Grail-enigma researchers: Ralph is an imposing and charismatic-looking historian. He is very tall and wears a waistcoat and leather sunhat. He’s recently published as book called King Jesus which tells a never-before aspect of the Christian story. He builds it on the back of his other works that show how the stories of the Old Testament are not original; they are actually plagiaries of ancient Egyptian myths. They are supposedly the history of the Jewish people, from their beginnings at the dawn of time, through disaster and rebirth through Noah’s Ark, from slavery and escape to freedom, to the founding of Israel, the “promised land”. But every one of these tales is also found in Egyptian myth that is much older, in some cases more than a millennium older! They are copies, and Abraham, Moses, David and all the other heroes of the bible are just Egyptian heroes with new names. The same goes for Jesus. Jesus, as we know him through the Christian churches, is a character based on older mythology. His whole life is a walkthrough of astrological symbolism; the recurring theme of fish connects to Pisces and the twelve Apostles represent the twelve signs of the Zodiac. The whole story was concocted by one man who is thought of as two people St Paul and the historian Josephus Flavius. The similarities in their lives are too strong to have been separate; they were the same person. But the source for Jesus himself was a real man, Jesus of Gramala, a very powerful prince who lived in the First Century and fought in the Roman-Jewish war. He was not a carpenter and definitely not poor! This is a mistranslation; “carpenter” should really be “architect”. The source of his power was his incredible pedigree. He is better connected then probably anybody ever born before or since. He comes out of the house of Orania, a city-state based in Palmyra, in the east of modern Syria. His grandparents were all rulers. One was the daughter of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, another was Phrates, Emperor of Persia (This is why three Magi, the “wise men” visit him when he’s a baby. This is a Persian tradition for a new prince), another was Jubba II, King of Libya (all of North Africa). So all Jesus’ ancestors were rulers of the world’s four superpowers, Egypt, Rome, North Lybia and Persia. This effectively made him heir to all those thrones. So we’re talking about the only person in history who had the right to call himself King of the World. I wonder, was it an early attempt by the Illuminati to establish the New World Order? If so it failed, but will they try to do the same thing today in a similar fashion? There’s more to the story, and this connects with the legend of King Arthur! This is why the subtitle of Ralph’s new book is From Kam to Camelot (Kam is a very ancient name for Egypt). Jesus of Gramala was crucified after the Roman victory in the war. He was put on the cross with two other leaders of the Jewish rebels. Those two other men died, but St Paul/Josephus Flavius, rescued Jesus in time to save his life. This is clearly where the Crucifixion and Resurrection story comes from. He was however not pardoned. The Roman authorities decided to exile him as far a way as possible to prevent him from doing any more harm. This is similar to what was done 1800 years later to Napoleon. He was at first exiled to his home of Corsica, but escaped to reap more havoc so they sent him to the remote South Atlantic island of St Helena. In Jesus’ case, he was sent to Britain, the remotest backwater of the Roman Empire. He was held secretly in comfortable quarters in Fort Dewa in Chester. The site of this fort was excavated by archaeologists a few years ago and it was a big mystery because it is the biggest Roman fort ever constructed. It was also made of stone, not wood, so much have cost a packet! Why was such a huge castle built in a very quiet and unimportant place? It was like building the Pentagon on the Aleutian Islands off Alaska! Well maybe it was built specially to house the exiled Jesus. The archeologists discovered that there was a sealed section of the fort. This must have been a restricted area and nobody outside it could have found out what was really going on inside. But obviously there must have been speculation, in the same way that Area 51 causes speculation today, and legends emerged of somebody called “Arturi”; which is another name for Egypt, Celtic this time. The dimensions of the secret annexe were the same as the Jerusalem temple and one of the rooms was built in the shape of a Vesica Piscis. This once again connects to Jesus’ story through fish symbolism. Unfortunately the archeologists could not complete their work because the site was destroyed to make way for that recurring bane of archaeology: the shopping centre! But could the legend of the mysterious exile: Arturi have inspired the legends of King Arthur? The story of the Fisher King; fish once again. The Fisher King was also the “maimed king” who is healed by the Holy Grail. This could refer to circumcision or castration. Many dangerous exiles were castrated to prevent them fathering any children to cause more trouble in the future. The way Arthur marries Morgeana, but has Gwynyfyr on the side is also Egyptian in origin and maybe Mary Magdalene in the Gospel of Mary symbolizes Gwynyfyr. Ralph amazed the whole audience; few of them, including myself, had ever heard of any of this before. We all know the Holy Blood-Holy Grail story, but Ralph’s discoveries deepen and complicate the story enormously. It just goes to show that we’re looking at the past through a distorted Kaleidoscope lens and it takes a lot of work to make sense of the confusing images. The past is lost, sometimes through deliberate suppression, but also through accidental distortion. But knowing our own past gives us a grip on who we are today.

Derek “Dex” Dobie (right) “The Secret and 2012”
I first heard “Dex” several hours before I heard his lecture. Susan came rushing up to me at lunchtime saying “Ben, you’ve got to try this!” She showed me a Yoga-like exercise that eases stress and improved your health. Stand up straight as normal, then bend your knees slightly and learn back. Let your arms hang loosely down and stay like that for as long as you can. Soon you’ll start shaking with the effort, but Susan told me that this is good; it is your body’s energy field releasing mental pollution. I must say it did have an effect on me; I’ll have to do it regularly! Dex used to be a business man and was living the Conformist Dream, but like so many who pursue it, the dream soon became a nightmare. His company went bankrupt, his marriage couldn’t survive the trauma and before long Dex was left penniless, deserted by his wife and living in a little flat. He had no feelings and thoughts for a long time then one day he sat down and started crying. Her wept and wept and screamed at Life, God and the universe in General: “What the fuck’s going on!?” He got an answer! He was surrounded by light beings, not just white ones but all colours and they were ovoid in shape. They were filled with love. They surrounded him as he lay in bed that night and explained that he had been “chasing an illusion”, but that a path lay ahead for his life in spirituality, or what Dex calls “eternal sciences” and he now sees the One Consciousness in everything. Dex gave us a history of this consciousness. It reminded me a bit of Neil Hague’s “Yellow pictures” (see links column). The Consciousness is a creation of the One, an eddy in the river of everything. It was made so that “the Adventure can begin!” Dex says there are indicators that the Adventure is reaching a crucial point come in the 2012 phenomenon, when the Mayan calendar reaches the end of the 5th Sun. Planet X is apparently going to enter the solar system at this point. Planet X, or Nibiru, or Wormwood, or Nemesis, is the legendary extra planet of the solar system the orbits a lightyear away in the Oort Cloud where comets come from, way beyond the range of astronomical observation, but every few thousand years, comes close to the sun and affects the other planets in the solar system. But the governments know about Planet X and are keeping it secret. They’re observing it right now through a second secret Hubble space telescope and a specially-built observatory at the South Pole. The planet is apparently not alone; it has many moons, almost a mini solar system like Saturn’s or Jupiter’s. Planet X is getting close and in 2004 it discharged a lightening bolt that hit the Earth. Dex showed us a crop circle that represented this, but I can’t remember it. So what will Planet X do, unlike Mary Rodwell, Dex think is it quite likely that there will be a major environmental catastrophe: Earthquakes, tsunamis, solar flares causing radiation, a polar shift, volcanoes, diseases etc etc. (Not all at once I hope! It makes Edmund Marriage’s cataclysm sound like a picnic!) This is not certain and Dex admits that Planet X could have no ill effects, but it is undeniable that for the last 2000 years the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening; this always happen before a pole shift, an event that occurs on average 5 times every million years, so we’re overdue for another one. Time is changing too; the atomic clock at Greenwich, which is supposed to be accurate to a second every 10 million years, is having to be adjusted every 6 months to take account for fluctuations in time and the astronomical calendar. There are other signs that the authorities are bracing themselves for something big and terrible; the Seed Vault in Norway, and also rumours of another underground vault in Norway, for the country’s political Elite (Project Camelot). Dex says that the aliens won’t step in and interfere; they respect the natural order of events. Dex thinks that what will happen is that the planet and its inhabitants will “jump dimension”, switch over into another universe of a higher vibration. Dex says that we as a species need to understand the One Consciousness and stop being drawn into division and conflict. He explains how TV porogrammes are damaging and, like me, particularly mentions Eastenders! Why is it that we British make jokes about the Irish and the Irish make jokes about us? We’re the same people! Physically identical! Dex read out a lovely poem about a conversation between a butterfly and a caterpillar which showed how we can evolve in our lives, but can’t really make anyone understand unless they’ve experienced it. So Dex advocates not trying to enlighten other people, but leaving them to learn in their own time and in their own way. “Let’s replace fear with the magic of life!” he says. This jump in reality will change everything around us and make us aware of all the levels of consciousness. He has learned a lot from a female alien called “Luci”whop resembles a Grey but has a cleft on top of her head. (Amazingly another Probe delegate showed me and Dex a picture of an alien she has encountered that looks exactly the same!) Luci is so full of love that her vibration would burn up the world if she ever appeared physically; it’s too much for matter and our minds to take! Dex knows that there is a secret world government, but unlike me he thinks that is could be a good thing; not is, but could be. He’s even designed a flag for the whole world; this is not a task to be lightly undertaken and I’ve often thought about this myself. Dex’s flag is good actually, better than anything I came up with. It has a chakra-stack in the middle with an image of hands holding the Earth on the left and a picture of the night sky on the right. I’m not sure about all of Dex’ information, but he’s a very kindly and amiable man and I’m sure he’s sincere. Only time will tell how much of his opinions and predictions will be proved right or wrong.

The conference ended and I traveled with Susan to the coach station in Blackpool. We caught a cab and drove down the prom past the Pleasure Beach, piers and seaside attractions. Blackpool lies just a mile or two from Lytham St Anne’s, but I can’t imagine two more different seaside towns. Blackpool is a bustling world of flickering illuminations, screeching fairground rides and throngs of people. The cryptozoologist Jonathan Downes (see links column) called it “the biggest shithole I’ve ever seen!” and this was from a man who’d visited the shanties of Puerto Rico with child prostitutes and dead dogs in the gutter! I wouldn’t go quite that far, but when I did visit Blackpool a few years ago I found it tacky, simplistic and very intimidating. But for someone who’s just left St Anne’s the culture-shock is overwhelming! Luckily Susan and I found a quiet-enough pub near the coach station and took cover in a booth until it was time for her coach to depart. After that I headed back to St Anne’s to join Sam, Jean and the speakers in a Harvester pub. Despite what I just said about Blackpool I was enthralled by the most beautiful sunset as I took a taxi back south along the prom. The sea glowed an indescribable colour under the luminous twilight sky to the West and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. The speakers were having dinner when I got to the pub and I wasn’t hungry enough to join them, but I had the chance for a last conversation with them before they left. It’s always hard to part with my Probe-buddies and I miss them badly, but it’s good to know that once one conference is over, another will always be coming along soon. I was a bit emotionally delicate as I traveled home. Probe is such a rollercoaster ride of energy and information that it overwhelms me; but I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I was originally wondering whether I should miss the next one because of time and money constraints and other conferences I’d like to attend, but I don’t now. I will make spring’s conference a top priority, even if it means I will have to drop another one later in the year.

Many thanks to Jean, Sam and everyone else who makes this wonderful event possible.


matthew delooze said...

Hello there Ben,

Sorry me and susie wasn't there.
We will be in March! Sounds like I missed a good do.

I certainly would have liked a beer or two with yer mate and of course ellis etc.

maybe next March we can get Ben Fairhall off his arse...he only ducked this time cos it was his round in the Admiral. :)


Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Matty,

Dr Livingstone, I presume!

Hope all's well with Suzie and yourself in the deep, dark jungle. You really did miss a good one! We all missed you and Suzie too.

I look forward to hearing about your current expedition.

Take care


Unknown said...

Hi Ben,

I really enjoyed your review of Probe, I attended on Saturday but couldn't attend on Sunday.I'll try and write this in an understandable way, Brian Halliwell had said that Jung reality manifests out of our beliefs (that's how i interpreted what he was saying) and it got me thinking about something Whitley Strieber wrote two or three years ago. He wrote that one of the reasons for the cover up was that admitting the existence of UFO's and alien visitors actually invites them into our reality and now i understand what that means!

I have a question, at the end of Ellis's talk he related a poignant story about seeing a girl who had passed on and she told him that she was ok.

My question is Ben, What do you think Ellis meant when he said just before telling the story that this would effect most of us in the next year/year and a half ?

i wanted to ask the question here before asking Ellis as he likes to give clues and let you find out for yourself.

I am beginning to think that maybe all this project camelot stuff could be true

wise woman said...

Hi Ben
Great write up as always!

Sounds like you had a much needed 'revitalisation'. Hope all is very well with you.

All the best

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Alan, that's very interesting information about Whitley Strieber. It fits really because the governement have psychologists working for them who understand Jung and many other experts and would know what a devastating effect (for them!) official acceptance of aliens could have. This is one of my main disagreements with Stephen Greer, who think's that the authorities just don't care about that and are only worried about the Free Energy issue. I'm sure they're equally worried by all the issues to do with aliens! Have you hard of the Brookings Report?

I'm not sure what Ellis meant by that; I remember him saying it. If I see him I'll ask him.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, WW.

Hope to see you there one day.

Unknown said...

Ahh yes the famous brookings report that says in Hoagland's words "we can't handle it"

I think my thinking has been clouded by project camelot LOL maybe Ellis meant that we may more perceptive of the realms around us in the near future.

I don't know, all confused now

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Some of Project Camelot's interviews are very interesting, but some of them sound a bit dodgy.

Anonymous said...

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