Sunday 4 April 2010

Alternative View 4- Part 3

Scott Tips
The Most Recent Assault on Health Freedom America
It was good to see the return of Scott Tips to the AVosphere after his rousing speech in London last year; see the link to my report on AV2 above and read it too for background to Codex Alimentarius. He had some news for us in his continuing battle against Codex Alimentarius and his work dovetails with what William Engdahl described in the previous session; as I said, all these things are linked. It’s not manifest at the moment, but the situation has changed since last year because the first Codex Alimentarius-inspired policies have become law since New Year's Day. This doesn’t mean we can’t get organic food and nutritional supplements now, but the process is in motion that will make these products unavailable in 10 years or so. I’ve written to my own organic food box supplier, Abel and Cole ( about Codex and included a link to the NHF website and Ian R Crane’s Codex lecture, see , and their reply was very dismissive and carefree, see: . The manufacturer of my favourite organic dairy produce, Yeo Valley ( wrote back asking me for more information and when I sent it they didn’t even reply. The industries that will be effected by the new Codex laws seems very unconcerned and this bothers me. I agree with Scott and the others; this looks like trouble. Scott Tips is a supporter and contributor to the National Health Federation, a 56 year old organization the defends people’s right of access to alternative health and organic foodstuffs; however the NHF is unique in that it is the only natural health advocate that has a seat on the committee of Codex Alimentarius. They are a true black sheep at the dinner table. They are also supported by one of the few decent men ever to run for US President (and his decency contributed to his failure no doubt!) Ron Paul. The NHF have achieved this by acting smartly and getting a foot in the door before Codex shut it in the 1990’s. You can bet that Codex regret not shutting it sooner. It’s not a commonly accepted fact but your doctor is the most likely person who will kill you. Over 900,000 Americans a year die from medical blunders and side effects of properly prescribed drugs; more than road traffic accidents, gun crime or war. Incidentally the one cause of death we are currently obsessed with, terrorism, kills fewer people than beestings and lightening strikes. But at very bottom of the graph comes natural health. In fact it averages one fatality for every 53 billion doses; you could give everyone in the world 9 doses without taking a single life. In fact the only cause of death less likely is if you step outside your front door and get hit by a meteorite. Alternative therapies are suppressed. If you go to a doctor and are diagnosed with cancer the only treatment he will offer you is what I call the “CIOAPTS” method; Cut-It-Off-And-Poison-The-Stump. It is the only method permitted by law in many countries. Chemotherapy is deadly and it only appears to work because the statistics are massaged; any success it seems to have is merely because of early detection, not actual treatment effectiveness. But alternatives exist that Scott pointed out: GCMAF, and this has been used since the 90’s; however it’s currently only available from one place: Dr Yamamoto’s Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico ( But if you’re suffering from cancer it may well be worth the journey because it has so far had no failures; a fat, round 0%. It’s relatively cheap and simple to take, just weekly injections, and has no harmful side effects. So why can’t we get it from every oncology clinic in the world? Because disease is big business and the more disease we get the more profit’s Big Pharma make. In order for us to be stricken with lots of disease the establishment has to degrade our general level of health and that’s where Codex comes in. It’s two sides to the same coin; Codex reduces our general health so we get sick more often and Big Pharma has a monopoly on treating us. The other conspiracies that Daniel Estulin spoke of above play a role through their control of the media. Scott showed us the cover of the latest Readers Digest which featured an article entitled The Vitamin Scam. On the back cover it had an advert for a Big Pharma drug; a very shrewd piece of targeted advertizing I must say! The media put spokesmen on pedestals and turn them into celebrities; some may be aware of their role and others are just ego-massaged into dancing to the right tune. The Goldster is probably one of the latter, see: . As with a Punch and Judy show, a single puppeteer controls all the characters who appear separate from the superficial perspective. The NHF has fought the mainstream Codex committee to support what it considers the most vital piece of legislation ever passed: the DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) and it has opposed the many Codex proposals to repeal it. They also lobby the media to warn the public about what’s going on. Scott showed us a photo from “behind enemy lines”, the Codex boardroom. It’s a large strange-looking place with a stalls and raised gallery seating area and creepy sci-fi, star-like murals on the wall. I was surprised to find that members of the public can attend Codex meetings. However you have to be signed in by an active committee member and approved by the board and you can only observe, not speak. The Press is hardly ever allowed to observe Codex meetings. It’s creakingly slow and based on junk-science. Codex currently want to reduce the dosages of vitamin supplements to a level where they will be next to useless and the NHF is the only consumer union opposing them. Codex are also trying to eliminate the laws that force food manufacturers to put an ingredients list on its packaging. Another Codex delegate told Scott privately: “The public are too ignorant to understand food labelling so there’s no point having it.”, so they justify their work in their own minds; they can also get away with it by using the Orwellian term “Harmonization”. As with all government activities, the real deal often goes on in social events and private, informal meetings on the periphery of the official proceedings. Codex’ EU delegate, yes they don’t have delegates for individual countries any more, currently wants to reduce the RDA, Recommended Daily Allowance, of Vitamin C from 100 grams to 60. 60g is about the amount of Vitamin C you’d get in a single can of Red Bull! Scott and the NHF have recently achieved a major victory by blocking a proposal like this. Scott explained the complex convoluted wrangling he had to go through at the meetings, petitioning for support from the Iraqi and Indian delegation to win this block. I couldn’t record his description completely in my notes, but what came across was that Scott sounded like a sportsman who’s just narrowly won a race or game. The NHF is now tabling a motion to block Codex’ policies supporting the use of Aspartame, aluminium and melamine in food. Melamine was the toxin involved in the recent Chinese pet food scandal which resulted in the deaths of dogs and cats in the USA. Scott’s mission looks to me like a constant uphill struggle, and I’m sure it is, but Scott remains optimistic and determined. He says that public pressure works and sites the capitulation by Senator John McCain when he withdrew a pro-Codex bill after a public outcry. It is vital that we take action to protect ourselves and our fellows from Codex Alimentarius; we must be very persistent in our dealings with politicians and not let them fob us off. (And I really must write to Yeo Valley again because they didn’t answer me before.) Scott didn't mention this, but I'm sure he'd agree: There’s actions we can do in our own lives every day, by actually using supplements ourselves and eating as much organic food as possible; we should insist on high-quality organic and non-GMO foodstuffs from wherever we buy our food. This will not only benefit our own health, it will give out the message to retailers that stocking such food is good business; and it gives farms the message that growing such produce is good business too. Ideally we could grow our own food. There’s an interesting parable here: I often hear people worrying about how, for instance, a branch of Tescos is opening in a rural area and the residents fear that it might put independent local shops out of business. Well… what if the customers refuse to shop at the new Tescos and carry on using their local shops? Then it is the Tescos that will go out of business. Nobody is putting a gun to our heads and forcing us to use these big corporations! We, the customer, can decide who succeeds and who doesn’t, and if we exercise this power then we can bring down the biggest most brutal megastore chain. David Icke talks about the carwash in the local garage in his hometown on the Isle of Wight. The nearby corporate supermarket opened a new, slightly cheaper carwash but the local people didn’t use it; they carried on using the small local business because they liked the man who ran it and were willing to pay a few extra pence for that; in the end the supermarket closed its carwash down. I’m encouraged to see the popularity of the organic milieu actually. There are so much organic foods and other products on the shelves these days. I even saw a news story a few months ago that said organic food suppliers couldn’t keep up with the current demand! So well done, Scott. Keep up the good work!

Saturday Afternoon
After Scott Tips’ lecture I went to the market hall to look at the merchandise. Ustane and I both brought DVD’s of the conference shows which were being burned out almost as soon as the speakers had come off stage. I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any more books, basically because I’ve already got about a dozen on my shelf I have yet to read and I want to read them first before being tempted by new ones. I’m currently on the novel Atlas Shrugged by the philosopher Ayn Rand and it’s an absolute doorstep of a book! I’m less than halfway through. In the end though I succumbed when I went to the Nexus stall and saw the crop circle book The Bones of God by Michael Glickman, see: . Glickman is probably my favourite croppie and I’ve been meaning to get one of his books; sadly his wonderful Crop Circle Lectures are no longer available. When I’ve read it, which will probably be sometimes in 2013, I’ll review it on HPANWO. Ustane was very keen on buying an ozone-based water purifier and when she’s tried it out I’ll let you know what effects it has. I was pleased to see that some of my friends from the David Icke Forum were attending. I knew "Dr Hemp" would be there because he’s part of the AV conference staff, but "Lookfar" also arrived so we had a mini-Forum meet-up. Ustane and I didn’t eat lunch while we were at AV; partly to save money for other things, but mainly because breakfast and dinner were so sumptuous that they did us for the day. After the lunch period we were faced with a usual AV dilemma. As you’ll see in my previous AV reports, the conference has events that run in parallel, so we had to make decisions of what to go and see and what to miss which were sometimes difficult. In this case we could have gone to the lecture of Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton whom I’ve seen online before, see: or there was a workshop called Mast Sanity. In the end, after a lot of careful deliberation, we opted to go to the latter. Mast Sanity was a discussion on the dangers of electromagnetic pollution that many HPANWO-Readers will be familiar with. I read an excellent book written in the 80’s The Body Electric by Robert O. Becker ( which described the effects of this problem as being worse than nuclear fall-out. Since that book was written the air has become full of digital and wi-fi signals as well as HAARP and Tetra. HAARP is the most awful thing. What a mobile phone does when you hold it to your head is basically what HAARP does to the entire Earth! We talked about “The Hum” and the ELF submarine communication antennas. It was an interesting workshop and the man taking it spoke very scientifically, but he was also interested in spiritual matters. I wish the Orgonite couple had been there though because they would have disagreed and been able to explain why. The man taking the workshop downplayed the benefits of Orgonite in protecting people from harmful rays, but from what I’ve seen Orgonite has the ability to do just that. Ustane and I came away from the workshop feeling a bit downhearted, but David Bellamy soon made us feel more cheerful.

Professor David Bellamy OBE
Tales from a Fallen Icon… or Was I Pushed?
It was nice to see David Bellamy’s return to the Alternative View and he leaped sprightly onto the stage dressed in a T-shirt with a climate change graph on the front and a photo of Marilyn Monroe on the back. He was one of the stars of the show at AV2, see my review above, and has since not been reprieved of the disgrace he’s suffered at the hands of the MMCC-Theorist (Man-Made Climate Change) establishment. His experience matches Johnny Ball’s and like Johnny he was a pop scientist and educator who appeared on many TV shows, including those aimed at children. His fame and popularity comes from his humorous, charismatic and passionate manner. He’s a highly respected expert on the natural world, especially botany and has also become a dedicated environmental campaigner. So far he is the most prominent scientist to reject the conventional idea that the Earth is warming up and that human carbon dioxide emissions are to blame. David has been sacked as president of conservation group Plantlife and many of his former admirers, like the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts have denounced him. In one case they didn’t even have the guts to tell him face-to-face; they just said so in the Press! He’s been smeared in scientific newspaper columns; and, most hurtful of all, when he went to Australia to celebrate the anniversary of the successful campaign to stop the building of a hydroelectric dam of which he’d taken part and been arrested, his former friends refused to speak to him. David mentioned the names of three further individuals at the BBC who’ve been persecuted for the dismissal of the MMCC Theory, two journalists and a weatherman. One of the journalists, Julian Pettifer, is one whose TV shows I also watched as a child. It really is akin to being a Holocaust Denier! David is opposed to many of the environmental “protection” programmes that emerged out of the rise of the MMCC Theorist dictatorship like wind farms. He recommends a book called The Wind Farm Scam by John Hetherington ( . Wind farms are an eyesore and do a lot of harm to wildlife; they kill birds and bats… and even knock dents in the occasional passing UFO! Green campaigners will contra all these drawbacks with the words: “Yes, but we have to reduce our Carbon™ emissions!” A real breakthrough happened last year that lit up the whole situation like a bolt of lightening: Climategate. Ian and the other AV staff had put up a big notice board on the stage with printouts of the most revealing of the Climategate emails; after David‘s speech we could walk up and read them. What happened was that a hacker managed to access the email accounts of scientists from the International Panel on Climate Change that were stored in the computers in the University of East Anglia. The emails were of private discussions between various scientists in which they blatantly and state how they know very well the MMCC Theory is incorrect, but they decide to conspire to cover that up for political and economic reasons. The control of the media by the government was sadly tight enough to prevent this story becoming the scandal it deserved to be; however it swept around the alternative media and internet like wildfire; it ends the debate of this subject as far as I’m concerned. David has spoken before about the Hockey-Stick Hoax see: . This was an attempt to make the real “inconvenient truth” of the Medieval Warm Period simply… go away. These MMCC-ers destroy data so that it cannot be peer-reviewed, a debasement of one of the principle tenets of science, and spread hysterical propaganda like this monstrosity of a BBC documentary: . I review this act of mental rape here: . They also distribute the famous photo of a polar bear trapped on a melting ice floe, which I reproduce at the top of this article. “Poor bear! He’s going to drown!” This kind of thing is especially upsetting to children. What they don’t tell you is that polar bears are excellent swimmers, in fact they’re virtually amphibious, that bear was therefore in no more danger than a seal or penguin; but the image is used regardless of the facts in what is virtually emotional terrorism! David then explained the significance of the images on his T-shirt. On the front was a graph showing the effect volcanoes have on climate and on the back was the photo of Marilyn Monroe with her skirt blowing up round her ears. David says that even at 77 years of age that photo makes his temperature rise! And only after that has happened does he start breathing more heavily and producing more Carbon™. It’s the same with Al Gore’s Oscar-winning film A Convenient Lie. CO2 levels in the atmosphere are indeed linked to temperature rises like Gore says, but Gore omits to tell you that the cause and effect are back to front: CO2 levels rise after temperatures do which indicates that they are an effect of temperature rises and not the cause. David makes a lot of the same points that Johnny Ball did and I hope both speakers got to meet each other. As you can see from the AV conferences, people who challenge the MMCC Hypothesis are not loonies and ignorants, but learned men who’ve built careers out of educating and inspiring young people into the wonders of science, and who have only been ruined because they refused to keep their mouths shut when the authorities told them to, because for them honesty came first. They are here, they are organized and they have shown again and again that they will continue to speak honestly despite all attempts to silence and demonize them. Bless you, David, and thanks!

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Christian Prophet said...

We need to keep asking people to read Atlas Shrugged, not only because of Rand's accurate prophecy, but because she gave the solution to today's problems. See "Ayn Rand, 20th Century Prophetess:"

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I'm enjoying the book, CP. I can see it's very much a satire of the Soviet system in which Rand grew up.

Unknown said...

Hello there something that really fecking bothered me today so I have been looking for more information... lately I have seen a lot of videos on how NWO/Illuminate like to use owls... I am not sure why?

An it weird me out because NWO = LWO is very simpler L is next to N in the alphabet... so the fact they show a fucking owl realy fecks me off... not sure what to do?

So what has this got to do with Yeo Valley? Watch this film for the random owl? What has it got to do with this video at all? Why is there even an owl on it? - do you think its just the director thats nwo... or do you think am jumping to conclusion... arh this has really fecked me off... my butter and yogurts are both yeo valley... back to the drawing board maybe? FECK!

If you have any news on what OWLS mean? Please share it! I don't want to leave my email... So I will find an email and email you this... and watch for replies below! UNREAL!

Unknown said...

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