Tuesday 6 April 2010

Alternative View 4- Part 4

Sunday Morning
The clocks went forward overnight and so we had to wake up an hour early to the brutal British Summer Time whiplash in the morning. Another reason I was glad that I came to the conference was that if I’d been working I’d have been on the early shift, which means a 4.30 rise for a 6am start; early enough at the best of times. For this reason we went to bed after one drink at the bar and never saw the entertainments. The singer Gareth Icke was there again and it’s a shame we missed him, but we didn’t want to be falling asleep in the auditorium the next day. When we woke up it was noticeably darker outside than the morning before. I turned on the TV and saw an interesting news report; It was the 50th anniversary of Doctor Martens shoes (http://www.drmartens.com/index.asp). At the end of the item the reporter announced that the original Doc Martens factory in Wollaston, Northants had closed and the entire operation had moved “to the Far East”. I knew what this phrase means; it is a euphemism for stating that rather than make the shoes in a traditional cobblers’ outfit by adult, professional British workers being paid a decent living wage, they’re being made in sweat shops by 12-year-old Vietnamese kids who get paid 5p a day and live in tin shacks. What a world we live in! And it was good to be reminded of how much we really do need an alternative view.

Peter Taylor
Climate Change in the Age of Deception
I couldn’t help thinking to myself as we sat down to listen to Peter Taylor: “Another climate change speaker?” Surely it wasn’t necessary to have a third speaker on this subject. But I needn’t have worried; Peter’s talk was partly on climate change, but it was a subject seen from his own unique perspective. It was only when I saw him that I recognized him from when I reviewed Karen Sawyer’s The Dangerous Man, see: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2009/12/dangerous-man-by-karen-sawyer.html . Peter is very concerned about other environmental issues, contrary to the idea that “if you don’t care about Carbon™ then you just don’t care!” He used to be in Greenpeace and worries about oceanic pollution. He sympathizes with Scott Tips’ position after spending so many times in international meeting rooms that resemble the Codex Alimentarius Headquarters. He compares himself to the doctor who spoke out against the practice of X-raying pregnant women. Believe it or not they used to do that! Today every radiology clinic has warning signs on the walls: “If you think you may be pregnant PLEASE tell us!” If the patient suspects they’re pregnant they are not X-rayed because the effect that even the small radioactive dose of an X-ray graph might have on the developing foetus, especially in early pregnancy. When this was finally understood the practice was discontinued within 15 years, but the doctor who rocked the boat by first suggesting it was demonized, just like the MMCC-sceptics are today (My different spelling of “sceptic”, as opposed to “Skeptic” is deliberate; I think that the two words have different meanings, qv). MMCC is a big-business establishment as much as any other, with high-level geopoliticians involved in it like Al Gore who is a complete crook. Peter’s own contribution to the debate has been the book Chill (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Chill-Reassessment-Global-Warming-Theory/dp/1905570198) which major scientific journals refused to review, not so much as a “Taylor’s book is a pile of shit! Have a nice day.” As experienced writers know, there’s no such thing as a “bad” review; anything that mentions your name is publicity! Peter attracted slightly less controversy with his previous title, Shiva’s Rainbow, an autobiography (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Shivas-Rainbow-Peter-Taylor/dp/0954706404). Peter is more than a climate scientist, he’s also a spiritual researcher; maybe this is why many of his critics call him a devotee of astrology and homeopathy, as if taking those things seriously makes one some kind of idiot. Sadly for the Western Rationalocentric Paradigm it does. Then Peter began to talk about the philosophy of science and this is when I really pricked up my ears because it’s a pet subject of mine (See for instance: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2008/04/god-delusion-by-richard-dawkins.html). It’s not often considered that science and Skepticism should be object of analysis; rather it is regarded by Western people generally, never mind the scientists and Skepmeisters themselves, that it is rather the pinnacle of human cognition and the ultimate authority and foundation, by which all else can be analysed. In fact the suggestion of analyzing science is the one thing that can break down their debate-composure and get a Skepolata ruffled! If you’re in a sadistic, excrement-stirring mood and want to indulge yourself then show them this: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8161747027983144661#
The conventional Western viewpoint is that science and religion stand as opposites, on polar ends of a scale, while Peter has discovered that if you shift your viewpoint you’ll be surprised how much religion and science have in common. They both have rather similar organizational structures and authorities. They also both have dogmas and fads, the only difference being how these dogmas and fads are reached; in religion it is Holy Scriptures and with science it is the empirical experimental method. Once these dogmas and fads are installed however maintaining them is surprisingly similar in both science and religion. Another interesting similarity is that both religions and science emerged out of ancient occult mystery schools, although science followed Christianity over a thousand years later. Peter goes into the background of the Royal Society. If you go back to the time the Royal Society was founded you’ll find that science as we know it today was just one of several forms and the others were often known as Alchemy, an Arabic word that means “from Egypt” (It‘s worth reading my review of AV2 at this point and see Adrian Gilbert‘s section on the Invisible College). A pivotal figure in the creation of the Royal Society was Elias Ashmole, after whom the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford is named. The Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge was created in 1661 and since then to be a Fellow, an FRS, is one of the ultimate achievements in science, a kind of… “sainthood”? However Ashmole was actually no Richard Dawkins; he was very interested in ancient mysticism and was deeply involved in Freemasonry and Alchemy. He also practiced what was known as “the Sacred Marriage”, but is usually called the Tantra, the use of sexual energy for spiritual creation. Unfortunately Tantra cannot work in a society where one of the genders is oppressed, as women were in 17th Century England. Women were expected to cook the dinner, bear babies and keep their mouths shut in those days. In fact Ashmole never practiced the Tantra with his wife because he was afraid for her reputation and safety if he liberated her in such a way. I personally believe that the oppression of women in Western history was deliberately carried out for this reason; Peter puts it beautifully: “We’ve been walking round for centuries with half our brain amputated.” Peter believes that science is in fact a reaction to this, an Alchemical trick! This is a remarkable insight! The fundamental principle of science is empiricism, rationalocentralism as I call it. The use of pure, immaculate logic at the expense, and indeed exclusion, of all other cognitive suites and the creation of knowledge and matter through singular left-brain activity; the rational, the observable, the repeatable. Science is actually a deformed type of Tantra! When Dan Brown’s books speak of the war against the “Divine Feminine” they’re just hinting at what’s really going on. There are encouraging exceptions among scientists though, people who have the scope and capacity to heal the deformities in science that are generated by its own limitations, like Rupert Sheldrake and Peter Fenwick, the two men in the vid I posted a link to above which I said would piss off a Skepper. Peter then moves onto his views on climate change; he thinks that the world is actually getting colder not hotter; after the series of severe winters we’ve had in Britain I can well believe it. In fact the only significant global warming that’s happened in the last few millennia is the immediate postglacial warming that ended the last Ice Age in about 10,000BC when it got warm very quickly. In fact in the Neolithic Age people hunted Pelicans in Dorset. Since then it’s been gradually cooling back and the mediaeval warm period and the warming in the late 20th century were merely blips in a much longer process. Unlike Johnny Ball and David Bellamy, Peter thinks that climate change runs in regular cycles. The heat in the atmosphere today means that the oceans will be cooler and clouds are the biggest controller of heat. Ocean sea level rises are actually not cased by melting ice caps, but by the thermal expansion of gases dissolved in the water. The heating has tailed off since about the turn of the Millennium and the oceans are rapidly cooling. The ice caps are growing not shrinking. There is an environmental danger waiting in the wings though, says Peter, a massive solar flare. At the moment the Earth is going through a magnetic pole reversal, see: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2010/03/2012-rumours-of-our-deaths-have-been.html . The Earth's magnetic shield is weak and if a large solar flare struck it could cause bad damage to the Earth’s electrical and computer systems; this led to a discussion on survivalism in the Q&A session that spilled over into the open-mike event, see below. Peter believes we need to be prepared for a world without electricity for a few years until the grid can be repaired. I think that might not be as bad as people think; in fact after going to the Mast Sanity workshop I wonder if it might not be a cloud with a silvery lining. Peter is more than just a climate change scientist and he did more than just repeat what other speakers had said. He spoke on other subjects like strange social obsessions, such as hypernihilism and the glorification of beating other people in war. This synchronistically is an issue I raise in my Blenheim Palace vid; see below.

Sunday Lunchtime
After Peter Taylor’s lecture Ustane and I had another choice to make; there was a workshop on called The Template, or we could go to the second speech of Daniel Estulin’s two-parter. We decided to go to The Template. The lady hosting the event was an Australian called Jennifer who had originally been a student of the Western Occult and was a Kaballah-trainer, psychotherapist and teacher. In 1993 she had a “crash”, a nervous breakdown and spent four years completely debilitated. Then went through a ritual at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury and was healed. This was when she first learned about the Template, see: http://www.thetemplateorg.com/ . It is a form of spiritual evolution and transcendence involving ritual and the use of jewellery in the form of sacred geometry. Jennifer demonstrated one of these rituals on us. When it was my turn she made me put three fingers on the back of my head and hold my arm out; she then performed some kind of kinesiology on me, a bit like the one I had at the Findhorn Community a few years ago. The sacred geometry is in the form of Platonic solids (Interestingly when Plato discovered a new solid, the dodecahedron, it was suppressed by a government conspiracy!). These are sometimes combined with crystals and come in all shapes and sizes. The smallest is a tiny cube which you can attach to a mobile phone carrying strap and this apparently gives some protection from its harmful rays. I don’t dismiss this as I use Orgonite buttons for this purpose. Ustane was determined to buy a piece of the jewellery at the Template stall in the market room; I think she got more out of it than I did, but I was interested nonetheless. The session overran badly and so we ended up missing William Engdahl’s second address. Never mind, we can get the DVD’s.

Deek Jackson (MBA Bronze- Once Restored)
The Rising of the Landless Peasants
Deek Jackson (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) is an AV regular, but usually he’s to be found in the evening during the cabaret giving us his hilarious satirical show the FKN NEWZ, see previous reports. It has also been my pleasure and honour to restore his Materialist Bravery Award after he made this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7iW4oWm2SA (However I think he’s really not doing enough and needs to put his words into action! See: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.com/2010/01/review-of-latest-video-by-fkn-newz-down.html). It was strange to see Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) being serious for a change, but like many comedians, even when he’s being serious he can inject subtle humour into whatever he’s doing. Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) comes from Dunfermline in Scotland and did an apprenticeship as an engineer at the Ministry of Defence; I wonder if he knows Nick Pope (See: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2008/12/skeptic-in-pub-81208.html). In his spare time he was a musician and played guitar in a band. He then went on to being an IT consultant and then became, as he puts it, “self-unemployed”. It was at this time of his life that he founded the FKN NEWZ (pronounced “Fuckin’ News”) on YouTube; no doubt his IT skills came in handy for the sophisticated special effects that he employs in the vids. The latest project in his dynamic life is political. Last year he founded the Landless Peasant Party and he plans to stand against the Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the upcoming General Election; that should be worth seeing! The purpose of the LPP is to take action on what we now know very well is a problem. The problem has been defined many times now and it’s time to find a solution (so long as we don’t get into a situation where we behave like my own comedy character Butt U. Doonuthin and end up turning on each other, see: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.com/2010/02/but-you-do-nothing-posers.html). The LPP believes that the basis of domination and oppression by the Elite over the masses is land. 80% of land in this country is owned by just a handful of mega-rich people. Therefore the answer for the people of Britain, and indeed the whole world, is to pool our resources and buy back our planet from our rulers. The planet can then become a common resource; we belong to the planet, the planet does not belong to us. It’s not money that keeps us alive, but the natural resources of the Earth. Without air we’d be dead in 3 minutes, without water in three days and without food in three weeks. These words remind me of the wisdom of Chief Seattle, see: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2007/11/chief-seattles-letter.html . If all the world’s land was shared out equally there’d be 5.2 acres per person; take away about 3 acres for uninhabitable land like deserts or polar regions and you’re left with 2.2 acres per person. That’s a lot actually, about 3 football pitches each. However almost all this land is owned by the people I call The Illuminati and whom Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) calls “the Arseholes who fuck our arses”. In Britain the Queen owns most of it while the rest is shared out between the Church and grand universities like Oxford. The Queen is actually the biggest landowner on Earth; she owns most of Colorado, which she bought up under a false name, including the site of the notorious Denver Airport, of which a lot more could be said than can be inside the scope of this article! Two minutes in the history books will tell us where the problem started: the Domesday Book (appropriately it’s pronounced “Doomsday”) which Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) calls a “swag book”. It was compiled by William the Conqueror after the Norman Conquest in 1066. Although there was some land-hoarding before the Normans it was nothing compared to the Domesday Book. This was a compilation of every village, every district, every farm in England and a means to share it out amongst the Norman aristocracy. The Magna Carta was not the blow for freedom that it has been portrayed as; it was simply a product of aristocratic in-fighting. The Highland Clearances and the Enclosure Act put the cherry on the cake and the people of this island officially became landless peasants; paying rent not only for their houses, but also for the ground the house stood on. In the 19th century rural slavery was replaced by urban slavery with the industrial revolution. Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) really shocked me when he told me that the last British workhouse was still operational as recently as 1948! In the 1990’s John Prescott insulted our intelligence by telling us: “You’re all Middle-Class now.” We’re not; in fact even some of the people we think of as Middle-Class are not. We’re actually akin to pet rodents in a cage; we’ve stopped caring about our rights because we’ve been pacified with luxuries. Central heating, MFI settees and electronic gadgets of all varieties, most of which put us into debt and we don’t really need them; and they‘re made from metals mined by slaves in the Third World. But those luxuries are for the benefit of the Elite, not us; they will take them away if it suits them, just as they give them when it suits them. We get a job and might join one of the trade unions which are very good at getting us longer tea breaks and paid sickness, but they never fundamentally change anything these days. The LPP has a manifesto like any other party. Along with the acquisition of land by the people of the country there will also be a single, fixed-rate land tax, and so this should result in a massive “land market” in which all people will be able to afford all the land and big landowners will be better off selling off as much as they can to avoid the heavy taxes of having so much of it. People who grow their own food and recycle their own waste will be given tax rebates because they won’t be using the services that normally do that; this will mean self-reliance will make economic good sense. I remember as a child watching a comedy show called The Good Life (http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/goodlife/index.shtml) which is all about a young couple, played by Richard Briers and Felicity Kendal, who decide to opt out of the system and become self-sufficient, feeding themselves from a farm they set up in their back garden. I might watch this series again, and review it on HPANWO, for the ideas presented about off-grid life, but unfortunately, although I remember laughing like a drain when I saw it as a little child, I don’t find it very funny now. Under an LPP government the defence budget will be cut because the Army, Navy and other forces will only be needed for defending the borders, citizens and assets of the country as it is, a perfectly legitimate role for which the armed forces were originally intended; not fighting oil wars in God-knows-where. The money saved will be spent on solar panels for houses, although Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) admitted that he’s interested in secret Free Energy technology too, like me, that would make solar and wind power etc unnecessary; see: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.com/2009/09/freikraft.html . The system of constituencies would be abolished in favour of a single pool vote based on proportional representation. Everything that he was saying about the LPP reminded me of Leonid Sharashkin, who spoke at AV3, and the Ringing Cedars books where the concept of the revolution planned is the creation of the “Kin’s Domain” of a hectare of land. It costs money to be a politician though and Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) asked for donations to the party, and hopefully membership. Or, he suggests, we could start our own political party and stand for office under that aegis. I like the concept of what Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) is talking about and he’s being very positive and creative. I'm glad to say that, unlike most new politicians, he understands that this is about promoting ideas, not actually winning seats in Parliament. To try to do this is a futile gesture because the system is constructed for the very purpose of preventing ideas like Deek’s (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) from becoming a reality. In the same way David Icke stood for election once, it can be a great way of generating publicity, but we must never let ourselves forget to keep the system at arms length and ourselves well out of it. Many well-meaning people go into politics, buying into the Democracy Con or thinking they can use the system to change the system; but in the end the system changes them. It drives them to despair and corrupts them. A lot of people and organizations in the past have shared many of the objectives of the LPP, like the Diggers in the pre-industrial world, and the great economist EF Schumacher, and also the Hippies in the 60’s. And this brings us onto another issue: that the Powers-That-Be will try to stop us by force if they have to and we have to be prepared for that. The Battle of the Bean Field is a good example. In 1974 the Heath government sent the police in to break up an illegal Hippy festival at Stonehenge and what followed was an act of… there’s no other word for it… genocide. The police beat up the entire gathering, clubbing everybody, even mothers with children. The whole Hippy lifestyle all over the country was systematically smashed. Why? For no other reason than they were living a life very like that envisioned by the LPP: independent economies with their own currencies and barter system, self-reliance on food, home education etc. These ideas are a terrible threat to the Elite and when they get that scared they soon show their true colours like they did with the Hippies. Hopefully it won’t be necessary to fight for our survival, but it could one day be necessary and the alternative would be suicide. I like the sound of Deek’s (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) party and I wish him luck in the forthcoming election. I remember making the mistake of thinking David Icke was wrong to stand at the Haltemprice and Howden by-election, but he was right to. Deek (MBA Bronze- Once Restored) is too.

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Alex Robinson said...

Great write up Ben!
I loved the linking of science & religion.
Have contemplated 'science' as the inevitable outgrowth of an unbalanced system - a mutation ocurring when the sacredness of life was denied.

My son has watched quite a few episodes of the Good Life - one thought/feeling that has come to me was whether it was designed, in the charming-est of ways, to scare people away from that kind of life - a set up to show you how wonderfully to do it & yet subtely playing on our fears of survival - being such a day by day process where luck was an important factor in meeting crises. Also from another perspective I wondered if, like much of tv, it makes you feel as if you are in the programme, doing it too, creating a sense that this is an experience you've had & thus never need leave you armchair - I get this feeling a lot with travel programmes - as you've already seen it on tv - you don't need to go there!
I'd be interested as to what feelings you have if you wath the Good Life.

Very best to you & many thanks for this :)

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your comment. I'm very interested in the phiosophy brehind science and how it originated. Many people, including some scientists themselves are becoming aware of this. The "rationalocentric" paradigm is beginning to wear a bit thin and I hope soon it will be replaced by something more emcompassing, not rejecting rationality, but expanding it beyond it's current limited scope.

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