Saturday, 8 February 2020

UFO Disclosure Portal

I have decided to put links to all my publications on the subject of UFO Disclosure into a single portal where readers can access them easily and systematically. I did the same for Brexit, see: and Jeffrey Epstein, see: The posts will be in chronological order and separated under the categories of HPANWO Voice, HPANWO TV, HPANWO Radio, Ben' Bookcase and the HPANWO main site. I include Ben's Bookcase this time because I have links to my own Disclosure novels, the Roswell Trilogy. The Disclosure issue is definitely not over and I will be adding further entries to this database in the future when I produce them.


UFO Disclosure 2015- Happy New Year!... Last Year BC?:
UFO Disclosure 2015- the Roswell Slides and Petition Deadline:
UFO Disclosure 2015- John Podesta and New Roswell in Canada:
UFO Disclosure 2020- Big D Declassification:

Programme 45 Podcast- Citizen Hearing Special, Part 2- Stephen Bassett:
Programme 46 Podcast- Citizen Hearing Special, Part 3- Stanton Friedman:
Programme 47 Podcast- Citizen Hearing Special, Part 4-Richard Wright:
Programme 125 Podcast- Stephen Bassett, Disclosure Update:


Ben's Bookcase

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