Saturday 14 August 2021

Skeptics Portal

I have decided to put links to all my publications on the subject of skeptics into a single portal where readers can access them easily and systematically. I did the same for other subjects.
The coronavirus:
Donald Trump:
Jeffrey Epstein:
UFO Disclosure:
Helen Duncan:
St Helena Airport:
David Icke:
Free energy:
The moon landings:
The posts will be in chronological order and separated under the categories of HPANWO Voice, HPANWO TV, HPANWO Radio, HPANWO, Ben's Bookcase and the HPWA. The issue of skeptics is definitely not over and I will be adding further entries to this.
Richard Dawkins at TED 2009:
Oxford Skeptics in The Pub 7/9/10:
Stephen Hawking's Moment of Glory!:
Christopher Hitchens Dies:
Leicester Secular Society:
The Worst TV Documentary Ever!:
Bust Spooky College!:
No MBA's on Wikipedia:
Richard Wiseman- Skeptocrat:
Skeptics- Evolution and Revolution:
Discrimination Against Christians:
Skeptics Troll Their Own:
Skeptocrats attack Steiner Schools:
Discrimination against Christians 2- the Verdict:
Hancock and Sheldrake censored by TED:
Rupert Sheldrake Stabbed in 2008:
Ben Emlyn-Jones on Fortean Radio:
Psychic Sally wins Lawsuit:
Charlie Brooker- Skeptopath:
"Esoteric" Website Censorship:
Randi sued over $Million Challenge:
Blackmore's Ladyshave:
The Greatest MBA Speech in History!:
Indoctrination into Non-belief:
Rob Brotherton and the Psychology of Conspiracy:
Nanny State invades Spiritualism:
Ben Emlyn-Jones on Enemy Within Radio 10:
James Randi and the Military Industrial Complex:
Randi in Crisis:
James Randi- the Dishonest Liar:
Richard Dawkins- Patronizing Git 2:
Trystan Swale on Ben Emlyn-Jones:
Skeptocracy 2015:
The End of Parapsychology?:
Michael Shermer Update:
Rebecca Watson- Man-made Feminist:
Richard Dawkins- BANNED!:
Did Christopher Hitchens become Religious?:
Trystan Swale and my "Perceived Racism":
Susan Blackmore confirms MBA:
Colin's Elbow in the Ribs:
Michael Shermer Update 2:
UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 33:
Ben Emlyn-Jones on Be Reasonable:
UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 41:
The Mind Set Podcast Programme 398:
James Randi Dies:
Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Paranormal Peep Show 8:
The Mind Set Podcast Programme 422:
The Mind Set Podcast Programme 425:
Ben Emlyn-Jones on Unite Planet 4:
The Mind Set Podcast Programme 437:
UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 47:

Help Me, Ben Goldacre!:
Prof Chris French- MBA Gold:
Victory to Atheism!:
Butt Wins the MBA!:
Russell T Davies- Upgraded to Silver:
BHA... MBA!:
Could You Win the MBA?:
Sending MBA Medals to the Laureates:
Richard Dawkins- MBA Criminal!:
How to Show Respect to the Victims of 9/11 and their Families:
Dr Peter Fenwick- MBA Destroyer!:
A Challenge to the Skeptics- Bust Spooky College!:
Julian Baggini MBA:
Who Pays for your MBA's?:
Leicester Secular Hall:
Down with the Skeptocracy!:
Sally Morgan- Skeptic Fail!:
Andrew Copson- MBA:
Michael Shermer- TRAITOR!:
James Randi quits the JREF:
Andrew Copson at Greenwich SiTP:
Skeptics- Who are They? Why are they Wrong? And why does it Matter?:
Michael Shermer Update:
Halloween and Ouija:
The Great Skeptic Debate- Part 1:
The Great Skeptic Debate- Part 2:
Richard Dawkins- Patronizing Git:
Ben Emlyn-Jones live at the Manchester TM:
Skeptics 2018:
Confronting Droike:
Prof. Karen Douglas at Greenwich SiTP:
Steiner Schools:
Ben Emlyn-Jones live at Truth Seekers North East 5:
Keith Kahn-Harris live in Oxford:
Dr Alice Howarth on Cancer Cures:
A Skeptic's Guide to Aliens:
James Randi Death Livestream:
UFO Disclosure 2021- the Skeptics React:
Dom Joly's Conspiracy Show:
Programme 5 Podcast- Skeptics:
Programme 21 Podcast- Steve Trueblue:
Programme 48 Podcast- Steve Trueblue:
Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Mind Set Podcast 39:
Programme 79 Podcast- Trystan Swale:
Programme 118 Podcast- Steve Trueblue:
Programme 166 Podcast- BolerHatMan:
BolerHatMan interview on YouTube:
Programme 230 Podcast- Ouija:
Programme 414 Podcast- Skeptics 2021:
Programme 415 Podcast- Skeptics Q&A:
Richard Dawkins- Enemies of Reason:
The Enemies of Reason- Part 2:
Chris French- MBA Gold:
The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins:
Debating With a Skepster:
Skeptics in the Pub (21/7/08):
Skeptics in the Pub (18/8/08):
The Psychic Mafia by M Lamar Keene:
Skeptics in the Pub (15/9/08):
Skeptics in the Pub (8/12/08):
Bad Science by Ben Goldacre:
The Houdini Code:
Help Me, Ben Goldacre!:
Dr Brian Deer at Westminster Skeptics:
At Least you can Trust the Skeptics!:
TAM London 2010:
Deathbed MBA's:
Paranormality by Prof. Richard Wiseman:
What if the Skeptics Had their Way?:
The Skeptic Renaissance:
The Skeptocrats Attack!:
Knobs for Cox!:
British Humanist Association Conspiracy Theory Conference:
Does God Exist?:
London Skeptics in the Pub 14/11/11:
Trystan Swale's Article: Blogging Costs Jobs:
The Other Side of James Randi:

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