Thursday 27 August 2020

Free Energy Portal

I have decided to put links to all my publications on the subject of free energy into a single portal where readers can access them easily and systematically. I did the same for other subjects.
The posts will be in chronological order and separated under the categories of HPANWO, HPANWO Voice, HPANWO TV and HPANWO Radio. The free energy issue is definitely not over and I will be adding further entries to this. I might omit certain publications that cover the subject of free energy simply because they are already present in my UFO Disclosure publications portal. The two themes are intimately connected.


Ben Emlyn Jones on Energy, Politics and UFO's at High Wycombe 2015:
Incredible Anti-Gravity Machine captured on Camera:

Ben Emlyn-Jones live at Truth Seekers North East 3- Energy Politics and UFO's:


Ben's Bookcase

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