Monday 28 December 2020

Moon Landing Portal

I have decided to put links to all my publications on the subject of the Apollo moon landings into a single portal where readers can access them easily and systematically. I did the same for other subjects.
The posts will be in chronological order and separated under the categories of HPANWO, HPANWO Voice, HPANWO TV and HPANWO Radio. The Apollo moon landings issue is definitely not over and I will be adding further entries to this.
The Moon:
New Apollohoax Book:
Beyond Knowledge Conference 2008:
Giant Breach in the Earth's Magnetic Field:
"I Went to the Godamn Moon!":
Megan Whewell at Oxford SiTP:
Marcus Allen's Moon Landing U-Turn:
Marcus Allen at the BIS (Update):
Neil Armstrong Dies:
Moon Landing Sites Protected:
Ben Emlyn-Jones on Enemy Within Radio 6:
Moonfaker Channel Deleted:
Has Nvidia Proved the Moon Landings True?:
Moon Hoax Progress:
Kubrick Moon Hoax Confession:
Kubrick's Daughter on the Moon Landings:
Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Christopher Everard Show 2:
Conspiracy Theories Mathematically Impossible?:
Phil Collins doubts Moon Landings:
Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 13:
Space X Going to the Moon:
Sunday Express on Marcus Allen:
This Week in Space:
How do we Get Back to the Moon?:
Ben Emlyn-Jones on Unite Planet:
Operation Avalanche:
Buzz Aldrin confesses to Moon Landing Hoax?:
QAnon on Roswell and Apollo:
The Apollo Detectives:
Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 49:
Apollo Detectives Re-Edit:
Apollo Detectives 4:
Apollo Detectives 5:
Apollo Detectives 6:
Apollo Detectives 7:
Lotus Eaters go Full Woo:
The Moon Landings- a Reply to Steve Mumbling:
Dreaming Saucers- Marcus Allen:
Dreaming Saucers- Neil Geddes Ward:
The Moon Landings- a Second Reply to Steve Mumbling:
The Apollo Detectives:
The Moon Landings- a Third Reply to Steve Mumbling:
The Apollo Detectives 2019:
Apollo 11 Livestream:
Apollo 11- Film Review:
The Apollo Detectives- Fifty Years on the Moon:
The Apollo Detectives 2020:
The Apollo Detectives- Debate!:
The Apollo Detectives- Colin and Rasa:
The Apollo Detectives 10- Debunking the Debunkers:
The Apollo Detectives 13- New C-Rock Evidence:
Programme 110 Podcast- Marcus Allen, part 1 of 3:
Programme 114 Podcast- Marcus Allen, part 2 of 3:
Programme 120 Podcast- Marcus Allen, part 3 of 3:
Programme 134 Podcast- Marcus Allen:
Programme 179 Podcast- Marcus Allen:
Third Rail Radio- Programme 13:
Third Rail Radio- Programme 20:
Programme 306 Podcast- Apollo 8:
Programme 331 Podcast- Apollo 11, Part 1 of 2:
Programme 333 Podcast- Apollo 11, Part 2 of 2:
Programme 366 Podcast- Apollo 13:
HPANWO Show 501 Podcast- Scott Henderson and Robert Williams:

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