Thursday 22 October 2009

Probe Autumn 2009- Part 3

Delores Cannon The Seeding and Beginning of Life on Earth I was already familiar with some of the speakers before seeing them live at Probe and Delores Cannon was one of them. A few years ago I read her book The Convoluted Universe- Part 1 and enjoyed it a lot. When I first got into Spiritualism I met my friend Vicky (who went to Beyond Knowledge with me. See: at the Oxford church who was also a fan of Delores and lent her the book. Delores is a hypnotherapist who has been operating as a healer since 1969 and has been channelling messages from other realms since 1986 after her clients began reporting them spontaneously during healing sessions. Her methods are unusual and extremely interesting. This is because she is not psychic herself. Instead she puts people into a hypnotic trance and they then become the psychic and begin relaying mediumistic information. What’s so remarkable about this is that it indicates that we all have latent psychic abilities and can recall otherworldly lives if we can alter our state of consciousness in the right way. I’ve only heard of one other researcher who uses this method: Michael Newton ( From what I can tell almost anybody whom Delores can get under the swinging pendant will relate stories of not just meeting aliens, but being aliens! And also robots, genetically-engineered life forms and even gaseous beings and planetary atmospheres! The Saturday lecture was the first of her two-parter. She clambered unsteadily up onto the stage and sat in a chair. She’s an elderly lady now, in her 80’s, but she still works hard, travelling around the world doing lectures, prolifically writing; she publishes a doorstep-sized book about once a year and still researching for new material. In fact straight after Probe she headed off to Russia to do a lecture there. Her daughter Julia manages her business and was selling her books at their stall. Delores was a cogent speaker and has a razor-sharp mind. She is from Arkansas and both she and Julia have a charismatic Hillbilly accent. Her first attempt at channelling came from a woman who’d seen a UFO and it took off from there. The problem is that channelled information is so dubious because it can be distorted by the client's own mental state, and drugs and alcohol etc. However Delores says that she has developed a method to get round that problem and expose the pure and unfettered genuine information behind the “emotional filter”. This is a very brave claim to make and I wondered how effective her filter really is. Her research covers many areas, but she is currently concentrating on the origins of the Earth and humanity. What happens in her model is that there’s a “Council” in the universe that gives a planet a “life charter” when it has formed conditions suitable for life and then planetary engineers move in and make any other changes necessary to guide natural evolution in the right direction for intelligent life to emerge. Delores had a client once who described watching the oceans form on a planet in our galaxy. If life had been left alone and not organized in this way it would never have become so advanced and complex as it is today; Delores reject Darwin‘s idea that such things could occur without intervention. Once the ball has been set rolling the Council leave, but they pop back every so often to check on how things are going; like gardeners or zoo-keepers. They actually introduce animals and plants from other planets sometimes to see if they’ll survive (Has this happened to the Earth? If so I wonder which species are alien.) Humans were designed from simians. Apparently white people were adapted from orang-utans, black people from gorillas and oriental people from a yellow ape that lives in China! Being Welsh I expect my ancestors were those little grey monkeys with red bottoms in zoos that always seem to want to steal your sandwiches! After the biological engineers have done their work the cultural engineers replace them; this is where the ancient legends of sky-gods, Wanjinas and the Viracocha etc come from. Unfortunately with the Earth something went wrong. A meteoric impact introduced some form of disease. The Council convened an emergency meeting to decide what to do and concluded: “Let it be”. The Earth was left alone to see how it could cope with the disease. Alien abductions, or “visitations” as Delores terms it, and animal mutilation is all about monitoring how life on Earth is coping with this unexpected hindrance. As I've said before, I doubt that. The benevolent Council aliens, the “Custodians” (the title of one of Delores’ many books) travel interdimensionally in craft that are powered by the mind. They dislike coming to Earth because of its dense energy and so build artificial life forms to do jobs for them; this is what the Greys are: biological robots that the council operate by remote control. (Credo Mutwa said this too. See: The injuries suffered by those receiving visitation are caused by the stepping up process of getting the physical matter of the body to dimensionally shift so that it can get aboard their craft, and then the reverse stepping down process that allows the subject to be returned to their bed. The Custodians don’t eat because they feed off spirit energy by getting into a special sarcophagus and having a “light bath”. They also don’t reproduce because they’re immortal and don’t have two genders like we do (I wonder if they ever get bored!) They were apparently very concerned when we invented the A-bomb. This is apparently a symptom of the original disease. This has been backed up by other researchers and there’s no doubt that since the 1940’s when the bomb's started exploding UFO sightings have risen dramatically. The visitations are also about retrieving Earth’s DNA so that the planet can be recreated elsewhere if we destroy this one! The ET’s are currently bringing volunteer “pure souls” to the Earth; these are beings that have never experienced Karma and so therefore have nothing to pay back in those terms. Delores has met some of these individuals in sessions. They say things like “why did I put my hand up?” and “Why can’t I go home?” Pure souls dislike the Earth and have a strong desire to leave it for a better place that they instinctively know exists. Some of Delores pure soul clients have attempted suicide in order to try to “go home” and Delores’ therapy helps them realize their reason for being on the Earth and stops them wanting to leave. They are what David Icke calls “the front of the snowplough”, light workers who are here to guide the rest of humanity through the Great Changeover in 2012. I suppose Delores’ books might have given me a bit of a false impression of what her live show would be like. Although she’s still an interesting and wise lady, her speech was not as good as her written material. Some of it was hard to follow. She spoke for a while about 2012 and the notes I took at the time make no sense to me now and I‘ve had to omit that part of her lecture from my report. I’ve gone off channelled communication in the last few years because it is so unreliable and contradictory; although I‘m not so sceptical that I dismiss it altogether. Delores is very confident that she’s found a way to filter out all the garbage and noise and get to the real message from other worlds, but has she? Saturday Evening Ustane and I emerged from the first day of the conference tired but happy. While we’d been inside the wind had got up. In fact it had got up quite a bit! It was the strongest wind that I’ve ever seen at St Annes and we struggled down the road to the Seafarers Restaurant for dinner, wiping sand out of our eyes. After that we went to the Carlton and met up with the others. One very good change that has taken place since the last conference is that I didn’t see any bouncers outside the pubs, although I still avoided the Admiral. Remember me lamenting about them in the last report? (See links at the top of Part 1). So Saturday ended on an optimistic note. Sunday Morning The gale died down overnight and Ustane and I awoke to a lovely morning, the air cleaned by the wind. The view from our hotel room window was wonderful so I got my camera out and did a HPANWO TV broadcast, see links at the top or Part 1. The landlady told me that it reminded her of the rooftop scene in Mary Poppins. The view when we turned on the TV was not so fine. It was announced on the news that the Irish people had voted “Yes” to their referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. After months of bullying and Future-Shock tactics by the government, they caved in. See here for more details: . For a change Probe had not been held at the weekend when the clocks change so we didn’t have an hour less time to get up and breakfast. We joined our French companions and once again got a taxi to the venue. The second day of Probe once again began with music, led by the irrepressible Rosie, but this time I played the drum and didn't dance!
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Alex Robinson said...

Gretings once more fellow Earthling :)

I enjoyed your write ups Ben, sorry it took me so long to get here. I too have moved right away from chanelled info over the last few years - give me a 'questing' human who's going thro' all this bs anyday over a 'joyous', know it all!

You have excellent reporting skills, always so easy to follow.
Best to you

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Alex. I should ssoon be finished on my report.

Hope you're OK. I'll check your blog as soon as I have time.

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Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi, Vitaly.

Thanks for the commnet. Sorry for the delay in replying. Sorry if I made some mistakes. Unfortuantely I knew that might happen (as I said in Part 1) because I was working from handwritten notes. I enjoyed your latest lecture at the conference just gone. I'm not doing a full-length review I'm afraid because I don't have time, but there'll be a short review and a HPANWO TV film up soon.

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