Wednesday 30 January 2008


David Icke talks about many things, along with Problem-Reaction-Solution he has coined another term: “Opposames” These are things that are conventionally thought of as opposites when they are really identicalities in a different guise. He gives the example of fascism and communism. Both are highly authoritarian and dogmatic, both involve centralized state control and human uniformity. Yet these two are thought of as opposite ends of a spectrum; one is left-wing, one is right-wing. Establishment science and organized religion are another example he discusses. They are seen as opposites. One believes in a God who’s a geezer with a white beard who sits on a cloud and controls everything that happens on Earth and passes judgement on a person’s afterlife. The other says there is no God and that life is just an absurd cosmic accident with no such thing as the afterlife at all; consciousness last for a few seconds or 100 years and then returns to the oblivion it came from. But both say that we have no independent spiritual value to our lives with no power to shape our world. Both will therefore stand shoulder-to-shoulder and unite in condemnation upon anyone who has a personal, gnostic experience of the divine! And they have done many times! Religion will say “they’re possessed by the Devil”, science will say “they’re deluded and mentally ill”; but the net effect for both viewpoints is virtually the same. And to be blunt, both organized religion and establishment science were created and are controled by the Loomies.

These two films feature Louis Theroux interviewing two different communities of people; one are white supremicists, the other are black supremicists. The conventional understanding of politics will place them at opposite ends of a spectrum, but I don’t. I think they are another “opposame”! Watch both and I challenge HPANWO readers to find any difference between the two. Both “sides” display an obsession with genetics and lineage. Both “sides” believe they are God’s chosen people created in His image to rule over the man-beast. Both “sides” see themselves as persecuted minorities who thirst for indiscriminate revenge. Both “sides” are campaigning to be given a homeland in North America made up of part of the region that is currently called the United States. Both “sides” believe they are on the vergre of a violent revolutionary war from which they will emerge as eternal masters and all others as eternal slaves (Although the Nazis don't seem to regard Tom Jones as a "nigger"!): (These outakes are very much worth watching too)


comprar yate said...

This can't work in reality, that's what I think.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully expressed. I especially love how you articulate the reason why religion and science are the same in their effect!