Wednesday 24 June 2009

Alternative View II- Part 6

Terry Boardman-
21st Century Humanity Comes of Age

Terry Boardman is like Len Horowitz in that Ian Crane described them in a pre-conference interview as: “If you’ve heard of them then you’ve read everything they’ve ever written; either that or you’ve never heard of them” ( Terry is a linguist, lecturer and writer and an expert on the history of East-West relations and he quoted that famous line from 1984: “He who controls the present controls history.” He believes that we should all keep a diary to record our daily thoughts and experiences in order to write our own story. There’s a book which Terry considers very important written in 1883, The Expansion of England by JR Seeley. It’s a very pragmatic and optimistic defence of the British Empire and Seeley outlines how history can be used for political means, He realized the importance of dominating the vigourous and powerful cultures of India and China and that the winners and losers of history are often decided not on the battlefield or boardroom, but by whose historical model prevails. The modern Elite have the same view and they’re currently promoting their own historical model, a vision of the past that they want us to see because it is the vision that urges us to give them power over us. The American philosopher Francis Fukuyama wrote a book bravely entitled The End of History in which he claims that all historical events and forces have progressed to an equilibrium and once this equilibrium is achieved there will be a kind of stasis, a stable eternal Utopia. Like Seeley he conceives this Utopia in a staunchly Western form: liberal Parliamentary democracy forever ruling across the world. This will create a technological boom which will allow transhumanism, in which we move our intellect from the bodies of biological animals to cybernetic machines. But there’s another polarity. It is epitomized by James Lovelock who wrote the book Gaia, one I've read myself, which proposes that the planet Earth is an intelligent organism. He sees our best future as a state where we merge ourselves with nature and become more like other animal species; a vision James Randi, in his typical simplistic and shallow manner, disdainfully calls “Back to the Caves”. The Cain and Abel story from the Book of Genesis is an allegory of the two theories. Cain is the active man, the creator, the farmer, the maker; whereas Abel is the lazy shepherd, the dreamer, the wanderer, the experiencer. And we all remember how this conflict ends up being resolved! Will the story become a prophesy as well as an allegory? Terry has led an interesting life and has traveled widely. He has Welsh roots and was born in Newport, Gwent. Then he spent seven years in Japan and became interested in something that I myself have noticed. Japan is an nation whose home is an archipelago of islands lying just off the coast of continental Eurasia around the 50th Parallel. So in that way it’s just like Britain, except the two nations, as well as being on opposite coasts of Eurasia, have a very different culture. His emersion into these two different societies lit a philosophical light in Terry’s mind and he began to ask things like: “What is natural science?” and: “what is Christianity?” When he returned to Britain he was drawn to the work of the mystical philosopher from Austria, Rudolf Steiner; see this fan-site for some of Steiner’s background and ideas: . I’ve read two books by Steiner myself and have yet to consolidate a stable opinion on him. He comes out with outlandish ideas; I remember in the first book I read he says that we must be careful while digging in the ground because the wrong kind of digging can harm the Earth. I more recently read a transcript of a very interesting lecture he gave in October 1917, with the Great War raging almost outside the doors of the theatre, where he delivered his theories about the Secret Society Network that holds the reins of all major political, social, industrial and religious institutions; in other words the Illuminati. Steiner was also an architect who designed bizarre-looking buildings like the “Goetheanum”. Seeing history through Steiner’s eyes is a good way of reassessing it. The First World War, the most frightful and confusing event of modern history, has a popular image of being an act of aggression by Germany to which her enemies defended themselves; in a similar vein to World War II. A seminal series of BBC documentaries marking the 50th anniversary of Armistice in 1968 reinforced this view in today’s world. This is not the case, as even a brief intelligent glace will reveal. However if you dig deeper and visit Russian archives you’ll find old Soviet documents that show how the Vatican was secretly involved, as it is in many other things! I also wonder if there’s a link between that and the recent revelation that British intelligence was behind the assassination of Rasputin; see: . There is a view in Western European Occult Societies, particularly in England, that it is the mission of Germanic peoples, like the Germans and English, to educate and nurse the Eastern Europeans Slavic peoples, like the Polish and Russians, towards civilization in a Utopian “Future Era”. This could well be true origins of the human mass murder/suicidal death-wish that was the Great War. (It certainly wasn’t the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, see here:, just after 10 minutes into the linked movie. “Nobody is that popular!” Ha ha!) There’s an influential but rare book (I wonder why it’s so rare!) written around the turn of the 20th Century which is a virtual parallel of the current scaremongering related to terrorism and Global Warming etc; the only difference is that it is geared towards Germany. If a confidence trick works they will keep using it until it stops working. Steiner famously said “There is more lying today (early 20th Century) than at any other time in the past.” He knew about the esoteric maps circulating among the Occult Elite brotherhoods of the time which show that the world is not what we think it is. I’ve heard of such maps that show Atlantis and the New World that were drawn long before Columbus (There may be places on this planet that are still omitted from maps! See: For more than 20 years before the outbreak of the Great War the public were being softened up for it. Germany was being demonized by Elite gophers like JP Morgan and Jacob Schiff (Who helped create the “Red Menace” of the Soviet block). There was also the Round Table of Cecil Rhodes, which spawned such “think tanks” as The Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group. These men were the Rockefellers and Henry Kissinger’s of their day. Thinkers like HG Wells and Bertrand Russell spoke of the need for Eugenics, population control, sometimes using disease (See Len Horowitz’ segments above). It was these respected and revered great minds, not Hitler and Stalin, who originally employed their skills for such evil; the men blamed by history are merely their successors. A picture in the Economist in 1990 shows an EU flag inside a Stars and Stripes, revealing the agenda behind the Anglo-American Establishment. The decision by the Illuminati to create it is probably fairly recent and has its origins in the Anglo-American War. That issue of the magazine shows the Middle East redrawn with new borders under Anglo-American control. Steiner’s work gives us an insight into the origins of the Anglo-American strategy because Steiner was concerned about it a hundred years ago. He understood the Occult motives behind what appear to be totally materialistic drives. This is still the case today and the Occult aspect of modern historical forces and events can be seen if you look in the right places. Religion is usually seen as the opposite to Materialism and that the two are often portrayed as being at loggerheads. The classic manifestation of this idea is Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion which I review here: . The novel Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, recently made into a film, talks of a conspiracy and hidden war between the Vatican and a covert scientific defence group. But this is a fallacy. Materialism and Organized Religion may appear to be in opposition for public consumption, but when the lime-lights are extinguished it’s amazing how much they collude and tread common ground (See my Darren Pollard interview, 13 minutes 50 secs in). For over 1500 years orthodox Christianity was the only form of Spirituality permitted anywhere in Europe on pain of gruesome death. In the 8th Century the Vatican decided that humans were just “body and soul”; the soul was an unknowable mystery that belonged to God alone. What Terry calls “Spirit” to distinguish it from “Soul”, and also Origen’s ideas of reincarnation, were declared heretical falsehoods. The Protestant Reformation did nothing to break down this dogma, although the Quakers made some progress. It was actually Steiner himself, in the 19th Century, who first resurrected the forbidden notion of “Spirit”. Terry then addressed the 2012 phenomenon. We often equate 2012 with the Age of Aquarius, but the Age of Aquarius is not as sharply defined as 2012, which is speaks of a specific day and is sometimes whittled down to an hour, minute or even second. The time that the Age of Pisces changes to the Age of Aquarius is hotly contested among astrologers; and this has inspired much literature, art and in one case a musical (I go deeper into astrology below when I review Helen Sewell’s lecture.) Some claim we are currently on the cusp of the two signs, others that we completed the transit in the 18th Century and that Aquarius is the current established age; some reckon that we are still well inside the Age of Pisces and that we won’t begin to feel the Aquarian influence for another few hundred years. Terry puts the transition as far into the future as 3573, in almost 1500 years time (Interestingly that’s about the same length of time in the past that the Christian Regime was dominant, the 6th to the 17th Century). But this is not necessarily bad news. The Age of Pisces is a ripe time for developing an important part of our Spiritual life which includes Steiner’s Anthroposophy. It’s the age of the Mineral World where we can ground ourselves and apply Anthroposophy to our daily lives; and Ustane pointed out the peculiar and fascinating stone architecture of Heathrow- Terminal 5, just a short distance from where Terry spoke. The problem is that this is also the age of the Material world and that it is also ripe for the Illuminati to peruse their agenda of imprisoning us in the Materialistic Paradigm, with Organized Religion as its Ickeian “opposame” to pick off any stragglers. Terry doesn’t agree with those who see 2012 as significant, let alone the End Times. The Illuminati want to knock us off course and may use 2012 to do that. It’s important for us to develop Spiritual Science to counteract their Piscean strategy that Terry has identified. I got to have a good chat with Terry over dinner that evening and we spoke of many interesting things. He made me question the official story of the Tiananmen Square Massacre whose 20th anniversary is being marked at the moment. Was the death toll really as bad as we’ve been told?

Helen Sewell-
The Astrological Roadmap of Global Change

As someone who is interested in mysticism, the paranormal and esoteric philosophy it may seem peculiar that Astrology has passed me by. I’ve never really looked at it very closely. That kind of surprises me too and I have no explanation for it, but hearing Helen Sewell has made me wonder all the more. I’m well aware that Astrology is far more than just Mystic Meg’s column in The Sun. How can that three-sentence statement for Libra apply to my own fortune, and then we expect that same statement to apply to everyone else in Britain born under Libra; that’s several million people all celebrating… too! It’s complete nonsense and I’m sure most people who read it know that it is. I had a horoscope done once years ago and the lady who did it said that she used to be an astrologer for a local newspaper and realized that what she was doing then was not real Astrology and was for entertainment purposes only, but it paid her rent. Helen Sewell is a well-spoken and rather attractive lady who came across as intelligent and knowledgeable on many subjects. She’s the partner of Andy Thomas (See my review of his speech above) so I bet they have some interesting domestic conversations along with the usual “Have you paid the milkman?” and “Can you pick up a loaf of bread on your way home?” Helen was introduced to Astrology in an unusual way, through her study of psychology. She’s a relationship counselor with Relate, like my mum used to be. She speaks of “psychological” astrology, as opposed to the usual kind... whatever that is, and thinks that Astrology should be taken more seriously. Like Andy she is interested in 2012 and if you go into the 2012 theories from people like Geoff Stray whose book I bought at the market (see above), you’ll see that unlike the anticlimax of the Gregorian Second Millennium which we’ve just been through 9 years ago, 2012 is a year mentioned as significant in many different independent cultures. Helen has introduced another factor that supports the significance of 2012, and it’s written in the sky. First we must examine the 11.11 factor, a strange tale that is being told more and more; I wonder how many HPANWO-readers have noticed it. This is where the numbers 11.11 keep appearing in our lives, on tickets, receipts, phone numbers, train times, bookmakers’ slips and seem to be the numbers on a digital clock-face whenever we happen to glance at it. Interestingly 11.11AM on the 21st of December 2012 is the exact moment of the Winter Solstice. It’s the point on the Solstice day, which varies from year to year, when the Earth’s tilt stops moving one way and turns back the other. This has been confirmed by Ian Crane when he went to the US Naval Observatory’s website. 2012 is the only year when the Solstice moment occurs at 11.11 for many centuries past and future. Astrology is a very ancient art-stroke-science and can be found from the very beginning of history in the Egyptian and Sumerian cultures from the end of the 4th Millennium BC; it probably was present in prehistoric times in one form or another too. Prehistoric monuments like Stonehenge have a very distinct celestial theme to them. Originally there were no personal charts, only those for the king or queen of a tribe or nation and the chart of that leader was supposed to relate to the general fortunes of that tribe and the people who lived in it. It was since the discovery of the outer planets from Uranus in 1781 to the present day, where new planets have been revealed by the Hubble Space Telescope, that the concept gained popularity in the West. In fact the solar system is about 3 times the size we thought it was just a few years ago with places like the Kuiper Belt, and Scattered Disc further away from the sun than what we thought used to be the “outer” planets; this must complicate Astrology enormously! Helen briefly describes how the horoscope works and then showed us the chart for London at 11.11GMT on 21/12/2012. The sun currently lies in Capricorn which is the last of the Earth signs. This symbolizes the manifestation of the physical. Pluto and Uranus reveal that it will be a time of great change and upheaval. Uranus is the neophile, the maverick, the Utopian, the lover of revolution and the future. At the time of its discovery, 1781, the human world was going through massive political change with the American and French Revolutions. This was coupled with the Industrial Revolution in Europe and the birth of the modern Mega-city. It’s an eccentric planet; its axis is vertical instead of the usual horizontal. In Greek mythology he was a god who had children with Gaia, the Earth Goddess; but he hated the children so much that he buried them alive! Despite his infanticidal tendencies he’s still generally regarded as a good guy and is thought to be a guardian and teacher of humanity very like Prometheus, the god who gave fire to humanity and was punished by Zeus as a result. Pluto is the God of all the most dynamic attributes of life: birth, death, sex, Evolution and extinction. He is a very dark character who lives in the Underworld across the River Styx. As a result he is also linked to Magick, the Occult, the subconscious and is very powerful when unleashed. Interestingly the active ingredient of the nuclear bomb and the most poisonous substance on Earth is named Plutonium. The presence of the planet Pluto in Sagittarius for the previous few years until about two years ago has generated fear and greed with everybody “on the make” and seeing their lives as a struggle for survival. It’s also generated the obsession with the sex lives of famous people and scandals like President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky etc. However two years ago it moved into Capricorn and will be there for 16 years. This will change the Plutonian energy to one of innovation and discovery, so we can expect to see new inventions and scientific breakthroughs in the years ahead. However it can also be a wake-up call, a “party’s over” atmosphere and this may be the source of the Recession and concerns over the environment, Peak Oil and the expenses scandal of MP’s. In the meantime Uranus, the rebel, has moved from Pisces to Aires so this points towards an era of more clarity which will counter much of the negative aspects of Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn is an Earth sign so we can expect Earth changes like earthquakes, epidemics and Tsunamis. England’s chart for 1066, the time of the Norman Conquest, is the same as that for 1821 when the Act of Union with Scotland was passed. It’s a horoscope that gives the English their conservative and stoical side, the “stiff upper lip”. It gives them their obsession with class and status, but on the positive side they have a dry sense of humour to offset that. The English are also natural leaders and so disliked it when Tony Blair seemed to be so much under the influence of President Bush (Not just the English; I’m Welsh and I didn’t like it either!) The moon in the English 12th house shows their caring and compassionate side; their sense of equality, fair play and dislike of things that are “not cricket”. However it is not a warm cuddly moon. Its relationship to Uranus in Pisces can make them melancholy fall into the victim mentality. In 2012 Pluto will be right on England’s sun. This can be a sign of public recognition; as in England hosting the Olympics. It’s an opportunity to take control of our lives, but it can also mean we have to face our dark side and shovel a bit of our own dirt. Pluto was on the USA’s chart’s ascendant on 9/11 and they failed to use it to deal with their dark side and instead fell into victim mode and increased security and aggression. There’s a direct analogy with the Pluto myths. The United States was like Persephone, a sweet girl, the daughter of the Demeter who lived an idyllic but na├»ve life in a beautiful Heaven-like realm until she was abducted by Pluto. He dragged her down to his home in the Underworld and raped her. The higher gods then decreed that Persephone would spend every winter with Pluto and the rest of the year with Demeter. George W Bush’s sun is in cancer and leaders tend to have a 12th house sun; Barack Obama does. Obama also has Neptune in his chart which can make him idolized and appear as a saviour, and there’s no doubt that this is how he’s seen, but he also has Saturn and he needs to be beware of this because it can mean that the “bubble will burst” soon. On the 4th of June 2012 the moon is at a right-angle to Mars. Mars is next to Saturn in England’s chart. Saturn is connected to the establishment. This also happened during the 7/7 bombings in 2005 so we need to be wary of that date. Unlike Terry Boardman, Helen does think we are moving into the Age of Aquarius now, but it takes 200 years to make the full transition and settle down in the new Age. Jupiter is returning to Pisces after 150 years and Chiron is there, the wounded healer, a planet which I am told is significant in my own chart. The moon in Aquarius since 1993 is connected with technology like the rise in mobile phones and the internet at around that time. Neptune represents our Spiritual nature, but its dark side can relate to escapism, naivety and delusion. Jupiter exaggerates and enhances everything it touches and in 2012 it’s in just the right place to expand our consciousness, in Gemini. Along with more technology we can expect liberty, breaking down outmoded concepts and institutions. We have to stand up for what’s right and take responsibility. This gives me a lot to think about. Perhaps I ought to learn more about Astrology because I don’t dismiss it at all; I’ve just never felt the urge to examine it before. Helen’s speech might well change my mind. However I have a lot to learn and the above was just a copy-up of the notes I took while Helen was speaking, much more so than any other speaker. So please don’t ask me to elaborate on any of it!

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Ellis Taylor said...

Hi Ben,
I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for the marvellous way that you have adeptly communicated the gist of these talks. You've done a fantastic job. You have a talent for grasping what's being said very well.
I still feel that you'd do just as good a job from the front and if I ever get round to running another conference in the UK then you're one of the first people I'll be asking to speak.
Good on ya mate.

Alex Robinson said...

Hi Ben
I've been reading through these articles & I completely agree with Ellis, you really have a way of getting things across, a natural communicator - I'm envious :)
Ok I'm off to grab some tea & toast & then resume reading
All the very best

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Ellis,

Thanks for the vote of confidence, mate. Much appreciated. I'd love to attend one of your Oxford Talks. I met Neil Hague last weekend and it was good to catch up with him. Hope he can come too. Glad you're enjoying my review of AVII. I'm quite glad to have finally finished it! It's been quite a task and I want to write about other things.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Alex.

Thanks very much. Hope you enjoy the remainder of it. Now I've got more free time I'll check out your blog too. Still hope to meet you at Probe one day. Take care.

Helen Sewell said...
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Helen Sewell said...

Hi Ben
A friend forwarded your review to me and I want to say a big thank you for your kind comments - and even if they hadn't been kind, your astute reviews of all the speakers' talks are a valuable resource, especially for those who could not attend the conference, but also for those who did and would like a record of the event. If it's possible please could I have your personal email add?

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