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Alternative View II- Part 3

Dr Arpad Pusztai-
Independent Science is a Myth without Legal Protection of Scientists
(Delivered in proxy by Dr Susan Bardocz)

(Background articles:

Arpad Pusztai is someone I was interested to hear because of when I reviewed Ben Goldacre’s book Bad Science (see: Pusztai was the only one of the AVII medical experts he mentioned. There is just one sentence in the book in which Goldilocks calls him “a joker” before returning to his lambasting of lightweights like Gillian McKeith and Peter Fisher. As I said above, Arpad Pusztai is seriously ill and couldn’t deliver his own lecture so Susan Bardocz did it for him; however in this review I will refer to Arpad as if he himself were speaking. Arpad began his speech with a bit of good old Welsh hiraeth. He longs nostalgically for the days of “gentlemen scientists” in the 19th century where science was motivated by its proper purpose: curiosity, and not profit and politics as it is today. Today most scientists work directly for governments and corporations; in this twisted form science has become a quasi-religious crusade motivated by gain and power and therefore is intolerant of dissent. Industrial scientists get paid well, but their work has to be targeted towards a specific mission. They cannot deviate from it. If they inadvertently discover something interesting on the sideline that is not relevant to the assigned mission, then they have to ignore it and remain focused on the mission alone. And it’s not much better in education and training. All university research is done under a contract and the scientist doing the research is constantly supervised by the academic authorities and will need permission for everything that they do. The contracts are legally binding and attached to laws like copyright and patents. The allocation of funding is tied to the specific objectives of the programme. Independent Science is a myth. Arpad has first-hand experience of this because he was a man who refused to cooperate with this regime and paid the price for being a heretic. In 1995 Arpad was employed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food* (today called the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). His job, so he thought, was to assess the risk of Genetically-Modified Organisms on the natural environment. His first experiment was on the snowdrop. The test showed that the GMO’s were safe but when he moved on to potatoes a very different picture emerged. These new GM spuds had the property that Susan spoke of above, they produced their own pesticide; but it was meant to kill only damaging insects like greenflies. However the experiment showed that it also killed ladybirds and other harmless insects; also mammals like rats were affected. This is especially worrying because products based on American GM maize are already in British shops. Arpad was shocked when the government took on a very dismissive attitude to this and so decided to take matters into his own hands and speak out on a TV programme. (Here’s Arpad giving a lecture in English with Hungarian translation: He didn’t pull any punches and told the viewers that we are all guinea pigs in an experiment whose outcome nobody could predict. As a result Arpad was disciplined by his employer and accused of misleading the public. They then went on to try and deny that the experiments Arpad had done had ever taken place; and when Arpad showed everyone the papers he written about the experiments his oppressors changed their tactics and accused him of falsifying data. This is the real danger of the legally binding contracts all scientists are under; they include a clause on “confidentiality”, which can be used as a weapon to persecute whistle-blowers (This is a standard regulation in government service; my own employer, the NHS, has the same rule). Civil Servicemen have to sign an agreement on discharge that lasts for 25 years; in the case of retirement this is effectively for life. Penalties for breaching this deal include losing your pension; it can also result in you being demonized and isolated, as Arpad has, and this causes terrible stress. So you see what he means about Independent Science being a myth? It is this regime, not whistleblowers like Arpad, which misleads the public. In his case this demonization and isolation reached extreme levels. Ben Goldacre’s “joker” remark was one of the kindest! Arpad was called “old and confused”, under-qualified for his job and an attention-seeker who craved fame and fortune. His experiments were assessed as being badly-designed with sloppy methods and biased controls; his results were either unpublished or only published in disreputable journals. Other experiments were hastily done to debunk him and when they did so they were trumpeted from the rooftops, but these second experiments were done with tomatoes, not potatoes. Keeping the public in the dark is a central strategy of the GM industry. This means that the use of GMO’s is not accountable. In fact as I write this a news story has just broken about a field of GM crops in South Africa which has produced no seeds at all! See: . There is a precedent in history. Long ago when scientists began to reveal that smoking was unhealthy there was a cover-up. The secrecy about GM today will make it hard to identify a definite cause in the event of a suspected GMO-related environmental catastrophe (Assuming there’s anyone left alive to look for one!). But Arpad’s research shows that GMO’s endanger health and destroy soil biodiversity; and there’s the added problem of making farmers dependent on Monsanto and other corporations for their livelihood because they will have to buy rights every time they sow new seeds (see the background articles). We’ve been told GMO’s are safe but who’s told us that? The GMO manufacturers! But Arpad’s findings question that. And so do those of other rebel scientists. Tests on the FlavourSaver® tomato show that it causes internal bleeding in female rats. Human trials on Transgene® Soya using illeostomy patients have revealed that its DNA is present in the symbiotic gut bacteria of people who eat it. And remember what Susan said about reproduction and the generational delay? We could be lighting the fuse of a cataclysm that might not occur immediately, but in years to come. Female rats fed on GM Soya had a far higher infant mortality rate and also produced much smaller, weaker pups than the controls; and Arpad showed photos to press his point. It also produced changes in the testicles of the male rats; what effect will this have in future generations? There were multigenerational trials done in which the GM-fed rats were allowed to reproduce without further interference. This is the scariest bit: the offspring of the GM-fed rats, who themselves were not GM-fed, exhibited the same health problems for up to four generations after their ancestors’ exposure. So even if we banned GM food now it might be too late to stop some of its harmful effects. It could deform our children and grandchildren for at least four generations to come. For rats that’s just a few months but for humans we’re talking over a century. Recently the US Food and Drug Administration, the equivalent of Arpad’s former British employer, released a statement saying that GMO's are no different to any other foods, but after reading this, do you believe them? If so then I advise you not to buy any used cars! Arpad and Susan really should be an example to us all. These are two people who stood up to “the Man”. Their humanity and conscience was stronger than their fear. If they can lay everything on the line for the betterment of mankind then we can too. In fact it’s our duty. I don’t know yet if I’d be able to show as much fortitude as they have, but I know for sure that I’m going to find out very soon. We will all be tested, have no doubts! I'll think of Susan and Arpad and hopefully I'll prevail.

*In 1988, aged 16, I applied for a job at the MAFF myself. I was interviewed by a panel of three people, one of whom introduced himself simply as “Saunders”, giving no first name or title. Another member of the panel asked me what I thought of football hooliganism and the Channel Tunnel! How is that relevant to my application? Luckily I never got the job.

Scott Tips-
Codex Alimentarius- Making Sickness Compulsory

(See same background articles as in Arpad Pusztai’s segment)

Scott Tips is an official of the National Health Federation, a 55 year old organization the defends people’s right of access to alternative health and organic foodstuffs; however the NHF is unique in that it is the only natural health advocate that has a seat on the committee of Codex Alimentarius. They are a true black sheep at the dinner table! They are also supported by one of the few decent men ever to run for US President (and his decency contributed to his failure no doubt!) Ron Paul. The NHF have achieved this by acting smartly and getting a foot in the door before Codex shut it in the 1990’s. You can bet that Codex regret not shutting it sooner! What a thorn in their side Scott must be! For instance, Scott reveals that there is a cure for cancer. There are several in fact and I’d heard of some of them but this one is new on me. It’s called GcMAF and has been used since the 90’s; however it’s currently only available from one place: Dr Yamamoto’s Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. But if you’re suffering from cancer it may well be worth the journey because it has so far had no failures; a fat, round 0%. It’s relatively cheap and simple to take, just weekly injections, and has no harmful side effects. So why can’t we get it from every oncology clinic in the world? Because of what Len Horowitz talks about: disease is big business and it’s also a big part of the Elite’s control over the masses. GcMAF works by neutralizing the macrolase produced by cancer cells and Scott showed a picture of this actually happening to a cancer cell. It has also had good results with AIDS patients. As I’ve explained in the background articles your doctor is the most likely person who will kill you. Over 900,000 Americans a year die from medical blunders; more than road traffic accidents, gun crime or war. Incidentally the one cause of death we are currently obsessed with, terrorism, kills fewer people than beestings and lightening strikes. But at very bottom of the graph comes natural health. In fact it averages one fatality for every 53 billion doses; you could give everyone in the world 9 doses without taking a single life. Alternative therapies are suppressed. If you go to a doctor and are diagnosed with cancer the only treatment he will offer you is what I call the CIOAPTS method; Cut-It-Off-And-Poison-The-Stump. It is the only method permitted by law in many countries. Chemotherapy is deadly and it only appears to work because the statistics are massaged; any success it seems to have is merely because of early detection, not actual treatment effectiveness. As Arpad Pusztai found out, there is a double-standard when it comes to fiddling data. Scott describes Codex as the “Ultimate Prize”. The European Union and other proto-Superstates mention Codex; it truly is a World Government Ministry of Health in the making (the word "Health" in its Orwellian sense of course.). The future law involves the destruction of Common Law and the supremacy of Napoleonic Law. The NHF has fought the mainstream Codex committee to support the DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) and oppose the many Codex proposals to repeal it. They also lobby the media to warn the public about what’s going on, the kind of things Susan and Arpad spoke of. Scott showed us a photo from “behind enemy lines”, the Codex boardroom. It’s a large strange-looking place with a stalls and raised gallery seating area and creepy sci-fi, star-like murals on the wall. I was surprised to find that members of the public can attend Codex meetings. However you have to be signed in by an active committee member and approved by the board and you can only observe, not speak. Codex’s central discussion point, which they’re tabling at the moment, is the removal of GM food labeling. At present they’re being blocked by the Brazilian contingent and, ironically, the EU. Non-governmental members like the NHF are the only ones getting to the crux of the matter and Scott belives that their work is what helped educate and give confidence to those supporting this block. Codex claims, like the FDA, that GM foods are just the same as non-GM foods, but the work of Susan and Arpad will by now have shown you that this is not the case. The Press is hardly ever allowed to observe Codex meetings. Scott believes that Codex may well have begun as a noble concept; it was formed to protect the consumer from low food strandards and starvation, but it’s mutated into a pro-drug, pro-Big Pharma and pro-Elite monster. It’s creakingly slow and based on junk-science. Another thing Codex want to do is reduce the dosages of vitamin supplements to a level where they will be next to useless and the NHF is the only consumer union oposing them. Codex also promote the use of Aspartame, a controversial sweetener suspected to be unhealthy, and additives like aluminium. The NHF is also warning the public about malamine, a chemical being added to pet food that has caused sickness and death in cats. Codex is also active in the world of animal feeds and veterinary health as well as the human world. Contrary to many claims, Codex does lobby governments for domestic legislation; it’s even mentioned this in their own handbook. As far as Scott is concerned the solution is that old cliché: “Power to the People”. Politicians won’t solve these problems, so spread the word! Talk to people, challenge Codex-related matters when ever you come across them. As Susan said, use natural health and eat organic food as much as you can. This will not only improve your own wellbeing, but it will show farmers, healthcare organizations and retailers that it’s good business to provide such products. Join the NHF; it has branches in 17 countries. As I said, they’re affiliated to Ron Paul and so have a voice in Washington. They produce books, pamphlets, leaflets and posters and are currently working on a seed bank to preserve biodiversity in case we need it when all this nonsense is over. Ustane and I got the chance to have a nice conversation with Scott and he’s a really lovely bloke. All respect to him for what he’s doing.

Here’s Part 2 of my AVII Report:

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