Tuesday 23 June 2009

Alternative View II- Part 5

We had cocktails with the speakers on Saturday evening and Ustane and I got to speak to Brian Gerrish and Franky Ma. It was great to meet the speakers and other delegates in this way, but the cocktails themselves were far too expensive for us so we just had some orange juice. I wasn’t really in the mood for drinking anyway. I’d been feeling very strange since Saturday morning. I had an inexplicable sense of foreboding that wouldn’t go away. It was just as strong when I awoke on Sunday morning. At the end of the conference when I returned to Ustane’s house I identified an event that might have been the cause of it, but luckily it was not related to AVII or any of its speakers and delegates. However there might be a link to something that happened to me a while ago. Despite my psychic unease I eagerly anticipated Day 2 of the proceedings.

Brian Gerrish-
Common Purpose- Exposing the Real Traitors
http://www.stopcp.com/ and http://www.ukcolumn.org/

I was very much looking forward to hearing Brian Gerrish’s segment because I’ve been studying his work for some time and have first hand experience of some of the dangers of which he warns. Here’s one of his many lectures that are available online: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3664960863576873594&ei=SqQ_SrSYJIOb-AbfiZCWBQ&q=brian+gerrish+common+purpose . He hails from Devon and is a small man with a gentle West Country voice, but I’m sure anybody who underestimates him as a result will regret it! Brian opened his address with the poetic phrase which put into words something that I’ve often thought during the last few years: “Have you noticed how nothing works anymore?” Brian is a former Royal Navy officer and specialized in Anti-Submarine Warfare. He showed us a picture of one of his ships and described how he used to sail in the Norwegian Sea to catch Soviet nuclear submarines heading out into the Atlantic Ocean. His ship had a towed hydrophone array which once picked up the noise of a submarine 438 miles away (This is better than I’ve ever done when playing the Dangerous Waters naval computer game!). Brian compares the political situation we’re in now to a sub-hunt and used a lot of military analogies throughout his speech. After he left the Royal Navy he set up a community boat-building business in his home town of Plymouth which is when he first realized the home truth of how difficult this is in a world where the big corporations, Military-Industrial Complex and European Superstate agenda want small businesses and self-supporting local communities out of the way. It was then that he set up the UK Column newspaper (See link above) to alert people to the peril Britain is in at the moment. He considers David Cameron the most dangerous man in politics today. This is because he presents a squeaky-clean image and, as politicians always do, fools us into thinking we have a choice. He then moved onto a subject that is very close to my heart: child-stealing by the state. Social Services and the family courts lie and fabricate evidence to remove children from their parents; something which is happening more and more. Some parents are given absurd access conditions like “You can’t see your kids unless you take Prozac”. Two years ago this almost happened to me. My daughter, who was aged 12 at the time, was about to be placed under a care order which would have resulted her being housed with as foster family for an indefinite period of time. I was assessed by a psychologist and judged to be incompetent as a father. She said I had Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism, which would inevitably lead to me neglecting my child. Luckily I managed to get a second opinion and had her testimony struck from the court record, but before the good doctor and I parted company I happened to catch a glimpse at the header of one of her letters that was lying on her desk. Her clinic’s address was in Harley Street! It must have cost the Social Services a fortune to employ her; just to examine a lowly single father with a clean criminal record! It just doesn’t add up. Brian says that we like to think that people are good, but we’re going to have to confront the fact that some are evil and that evil people are currently in power. Historical examples are Josef Stalin, Pol Pot and Adolf Hitler. Just because Tony Blair wears a suit instead of jackboots and hasn’t got a stupidly-trimmed moustache doesn’t mean he’s any better than those three. Our current political situation shares all the traits of other police states: We have a government Elite above the law, citizens are chattels of the state rather than the other way around, the legal process is controlled by the government. Citizens can be interned without charge and kept in jail on the basis of hearsay, the media is controlled by mega-corporations and propaganda has taken over from true reporting. Where will it end? Well history shows that it will end in gulags, genocide and institutional violence and murder. That’s the bad news, says Brian, but the good news is that the most powerful dictator is really a weakling because they’re vulnerable to one thing: exposure. They’re terrified of our scrutiny. Brian compares them to a camouflaged army sniper in a battle. This is why they attack by stealth, infiltration and subversion, hidden like the submarines he used to hunt. Because they can’t control us by physical force they dominate us by controlling our minds, in fact they’ve turned “psychopolitics” into a science and art. The Fabian Society, whose logo is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, was formed to create a future socialist state, but it differs from Marxist organizations like the Communist Party, Militant, Socialist Workers’ Party etc in that instead of proposing to achieve this goal through a sudden and overt revolution, the Fabians thought that socialism could be brought into society by slow and incremental reforms attached to a hidden agenda. The current chairman of the Fabian Society is Tony Blair and there’s a stained glass window in their headquarters showing two blacksmiths hammering an effigy of the Earth into a particular shape. They work with psychological manipulation agencies like the Tavistock Institute (Background articles: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2008/02/tavistock-founder-dies.html and http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2008/07/grimlys.html) and a newer, but equally sinister organization which Brian has centred his research on called Common Purpose. Common Purpose is part of this “psychopolitics” movement and is dedicated to finding ways of breaking down our minds. It employs Orwellian language and neurolinguistic programming. What is that? Brian soon revealed all. But first let’s get an overview of the situation. Common Purpose and its sister organizations are part of what Brian calls the “Third Sector”. We think we have the Queen and Parliament watching over us, but we don’t; we have instead “Third Sector Change Agents” which are very powerful, but their power is covert. Many people, including myself, would not feel comforted by the idea of the Queen and Parliament watching over us, and this is part of the way I think Brian, like Andy Thomas, has yet to understand the “Big Picture”; but nevertheless he is completely correct in his warning about the “Third Sector”. Common Purpose is like a cuckoo laying its egg in another bird’s nest whom the host mother bird then raises unawares. The suitability of the cuckoo analogy is because Common Purpose is officially a charity and is funded by our taxes to the tune of £100 million. They have a network all over the country and seem to be particularly interested in children! They get involved in schools and education authorities and their “graduates” include many child-protection police officers and social workers. David Icke warns us to keep an eye out for organizations whose mission statements are vague and make no sense. They’ll often use phrases like “develop leadership skills” or “assist with interpersonal cooperation and communication”, but what the hell does that mean? Also keep your powder dry when encountering any group that carries as its label the benign euphemism “think-tank”. Brian then showed this short video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8AiO7rxh50 (I wonder if my comment will be removed!). The woman speaking is Julia Middleton, the director of Common Purpose. Her apparently random hand gestures, facial expressions and choice of language-forms in this film are nothing of the sort; they are in fact the working of an ingenius clandestine hypnotism. Brian went into more detail when Ustane and I spoke to him face-to-face during the cocktail party. Ustane also noticed that the pattern on the wall behind Julia look like the bars of a prison cell. I’ve studied this subject independently and I think Brian is correct. There are books that can teach you how to do this and some people demonstrate it on TV, like Derren Brown (http://www.derrenbrown.co.uk/). I differ from Derren’s Skeptical opinions on Spiritualism and other things, but he’s bang on the money here; watch this: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6282159641861799839&ei=jdU_SuDsOcaF-QbhwJCWBQ&q=derren+brown+mind+control . All the advisers who carry out Common Purpose courses on “leadership”, “Communication” and “diversity” etc are trained in neurolinguistic programming. Julia Middleton’s new book is called Beyond Authority and contains terms like “5th column” and “useful idiots”; and it describes methods of “steamrollering” people who oppose you. Common Purpose also tracks people who ask questions about them and they breach the Data-Protection Act in doing so, but as Brian said above, these organizations are above the law. They have their own spy network to identify and harass anyone who gets wise to them. They’re influenced by Soviet psychological warfare techniques of breaking down the family unit and replacing it with State parenting. Common Purpose have a stranglehold on the BBC and Brian produced a list of BBC officials who are Common Purpose trained. I wonder if Jane Tranter is among them! I saw Brian live again two weeks after AVII at the British Constitutional Conference in London (https://www.thebcgroup.org.uk/) and he said that TV shows like EastEnders and Holby City are deliberately designed to demoralize the viewer. Brian has independently made the same discovery as me; either that or he is a regular HPANWO-reader! See http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2009/01/new-doctor.html and http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.com/2008/09/tavistockenders-scoops-soap-awards.html . Brian promised that he’d end his talk with good news and he did. We are not helpless here. There is a lot we can do to stop Common Purpose and the fact that we are talking about it openly among so many people is very encouraging in itself. Like Brian did in the days when he was a submarine-chaser we have to identify the enemy, we have to understand the enemy’s capability and then we have to prioritize our targets. Also there is strength in unity and numbers so join up with others; attend the BritCon conferences and other events. Rebellion has to be lawful and completely non-violent. Rioting will give the enemy the high moral ground and the excuse to use violence back at us, and they can be far more violent than we can. We cannot beat them by force. And last but not least: Pray for guidance, because at the end of the day this is a spiritual matter. The fight of good against evil, the Jedi’s against the Dark Side of the Force. All hands to Action Stations! Brian is a man I deeply respect and admire. I consider myself a sailor on his anti-New World Order warship! However he has not yet grasped the full scale and severity of the evil that he opposes with such dedication. Defeating Common Purpose, the European Union and the other dangers he discusses are just one step in solving a much bigger problem; they are not the goal in itself. His use of the word “traitors” leads me to think that he considers this a patriotic issue. It certainly is a matter of national and cultural self-determination, but patriotism has nothing to do with it. If we quit the EU everything in the garden will not be rosy. The Queen, the Royal Family, the Methadone liberty of Parliamentary democracy that are the cornerstone of the British state are merely fronts for the Illuminati. The EU is part of the current Illuminati strategy to create their “Great Work of the Ages”, the New World Order, and to stop the EU would only be a temporary setback for them. They’d regroup and charge at us again with a new scam. It’s vital that those who work to counter the actions of the Illuminati understand the source and strategies of those actions. This is why, as much as I enjoyed it and learned a lot from it, I was concerned by the undertone of lukewarm Nationalism behind the BritCon conference last week. To challenge the Illuminati attacks in ignorance of their true nature could make them backfire on us and I’ve written about this before in my articles on the British National Party and Divide-and-Rule: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2009/04/snob-walls.html and http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2008/11/british-national-party.html)

David Halpin-
The Vortex Sucks Ever Louder

David Halpin is an intelligent and elegant elderly man with a background in medicine. He’s a former orthopaedic surgeon who now dedicates his life to charity. His mission mainly concerns children. Whenever he looks into the eyes of his grandchildren he thinks of all two billion children on this planet. None of them should ever be hurt. The underdog should be protected, not exploited and abused. In this way he echoes my own sentiments about Conformist Violence; see here: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2008/07/grimlys.html . What I define as Conformist Violence appears to be very similar to what David calls “The Vortex”. David’s style is very poetic and he almost sounds like Wilfred Owen when he describes the horrors of war. Innocent people are wiped out by cowardly soldiers firing high-tech American weapons with impunity. The RAF bombed 2 hospitals in Basra in 1991 and in Gaza this year 200 people were wiped out in the first 15 minutes. Over 90% of Israelis supported the attack as a reaction to the 16 people killed in Israel in the missile attack by Hamas (but was it really done by Hamas?). Death stalks over Africa and nobody cares about the child who was blinded by a White Phosphorous grenade because Wimbledon is coming! MP’s gorge themselves on their expenses and dissociate themselves from the torture and murder sanctioned by the UK. Britain’s recent rulers are all psychopaths, superficially charming but cold and cruel, totally lacking in empathy for their victims. (This is just what Centaur was!: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2009/01/eyes-of-centaur.html) The current Chief of Defence Staff recently made a statement that the war on “non-state” enemies would continue for decades. The Geneva Convention has completely gone out of the window. British soldiers who die are remembered and trumpeted as “heroes” in The Sun but local people killed in the battles are ignored; dark races slaughtered in far off places don’t matter. The glorification of “Our Boys” has reached fever pitch; see here: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2008/07/our-brave-boys.html . In fact the Saturday after this was posted is “Armed Forces Day”, as if Remembrance Day is not enough! Does the Church speak out? What happened to “Love thy Neighbour”? But the vicars of Christ turn a blind eye… at best! The Pope has blessed President Bush and the Israeli leaders. Like Brian Gerrish, David understands that David Cameron is no different and that as far as the main parties go in politics we’ve got a choice between Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee. The Israeli army slaughtered a whole column of young police academy graduates in Gaza and the BBC just spouted the Zionist government line about it. The great writer Harold Pinter spoke out and was shouted down by all but John Pilger. The media’s clich├ęd language and Orwellian Neurolinguistic programming has normalized the unthinkable. The intolerable has become acceptable overnight with just a few strategically-placed words. In 1983, 51 separate companies own the British media, today it’s 5 going on 3. These corporations are controlled by psychopathic males with a loveless upbringing like Rupert Murdoch (Are they being deliberately raised without love for this very purpose?). The Project for the New American Century spells out America’s plan for global domination in as many words. The drive for the Caspian Sea oil field is to seize the oil and therefore control the energy supply to other countries, holding the rest of the world effectively under seige. (And people say that they’d never stage 9/11, nor cover up Free Energy? It amazes me that some do! See: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2007/08/stephen-greer-in-nexus.html and http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2008/04/gary-mckinnon.html) PNAC is never mentioned in the mainstream news. It’s not always necessary to suppress something, to keep it secret, you just don’t report it though the usual channels and few people look any deeper. The Royal Family is always used in the programme of cultural glorification of the military. It’s odd how the young Princes always serve in the armed forces; why do they never become doctors or nurses, or anything kindly? Remember all that hoohah over Prince Harry when he went to “Aff-Gann”? (If indeed he actually was ever sent to Afghanistan; see here: http://hpanwo.blogspot.com/2008/03/prince-harry-in-afghanistan.html) David then showed films and pictures that many delegates, including myself, found deeply upsetting. There were supposedly “brave and manly” soldiers torturing and humiliating prisoners in Abu Graib, news footage of injured children in a Gaza hospital. Ali Abbas, a boy who became famous because he lost his arms in a British bomb attack and was treated over here, had photos taken of him during his first aid at an Iraqi hospital that were not shown on TV. David shows that his arms were literally roasted to a crisp. David thinks this could only have happened if the weapon that injured him was nuclear… you heard me right, nuclear! Like Brian Gerrish, David advocates lawful, non-violent rebellion. Blair and Bush are no better than Hitler or Mussolini and there’s currently a campaign to have them prosecuted for war crimes (http://blairfoundation.wordpress.com/); it’s an open-and-shut case as far as I can see. But like Ian Crane, I want to see the man actually inside a prison cell! David was one of the aid-workers aboard the Dignity, an unarmed neutral merchant ship carrying humanitarian supplies to Gaza which was attacked by an Israeli warship. It was trailed by the Israeli Navy for some time before being taken out in a particular location that David does not think was accidental. It was at a point where the sea was furthest from land and the deepest of the entire voyage. The intention was to make sure that the ship sank in such a deep abyss that the wreck could not be found; and that all the witnesses drowned without telling their tale. The gunboat rammed the ship broadside and broached the hull forcing her to divert to the Lebanon. (The name of the ship they tried to sink is very symbolic and apt I think). David concludes in the same way Brian Gerrish does: with a spiritual message. What we see here is evil and lies, the solution therefore is truth and love. I was profoundly affected by David’s address and if you go to Part 4 of my HPANWO TV report on the conference you can see my immediate reaction to him. For me the challenge is to be loving in the face of such hatefulness, obscenity and horror. I actually met one of the children David showed in his visual display because he was treated at my hospital. I’ve been a Hospital Porter for 20 years so I do not get shocked easily, but I am! In reality this is a practical issue as well as a moral one; I have to succeed in being loving or the slaughter will just continue. It’s as simple as that.

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(Latest HPANWO Voice story: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.com/2009/06/are-crop-circles-being-erased.html)


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