Thursday 19 November 2009

Alternative View 3- Part 1

(Here’s Ustane’s own report of the AV3 Conference:
And here‘s my report of the previous AV2 Conference in June at Heathrow Airport, London:
I‘ve also done a brief HPANWO TV reportage of AV3:

Here's AV3's website:

I’ve recently started comparing places to people. If you remember from my previous reports I’ve described Liverpool as having a grandeur that was “more feminine” than London’s. Bristol is different from both of them; I’d say that it’s an old man, not very old, just in his early 60’s. He’s not really likeable or approachable, but he’s quite interesting and charismatic; a unique man with interesting tales to tell. He smokes roll-ups and wears a quasi-nautical garb with a reefer and peaked cap. Liverpool, conversely, is a young woman, no older that 35. She’s pretty and bright-eyed with a warm voice. She’s funny and lively, but also a bit sad, as if she’s suffered badly and witnessed the suffering of others. She has permed blonde hair and dresses in jeans and a thin zip-up jacket. But let’s go back to Bristol because he is the old man at the centre of this particular story.
I was in Bristol last weekend to attend the Alternative View 3 Conference, third in the successful AV series founded by my friend and fellow researcher Ian R Crane. I was very pleased and surprised that Ian organized another AV conference so soon after the last one in June. I always planned to attend but I assumed it would be an annual event; but as Ian said in one of his radio interviews, things are moving so fast. I agree; maybe once a year is not enough. The event has really taken off and this time Ian even managed to get an ad for it in the satirical politics magazine Private Eye. As I said at the last conference, the esoteric is becoming the new mainstream. As usual I was accompanied by Ustane. I’ve never really waxed lyrical about Ustane on HPANWO before but perhaps I should. I find it hard to describe her because I’ve never known anyone quite like her or regarded anyone in the same way. I met her last year at the anti-New World Order protest in London (See: and we got on very well together from the start. The strange thing was, I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend at the time; in fact I’d completely given up! A year or two earlier I’d come to terms with the fact that I was destined to be single for life and had even begun to rather enjoy it! I relished being able to sleep in late, neglecting my personal hygiene and boozing it up cheaply on my own at home. Then out of the blue, Ustane emerges in my life and has merged seamlessly with who I was before but, uniquely in my relationships, she doesn’t displace a single part of what I was before. Being together with her just feels so… natural. I'm not one of these people who have past-life memories, but I’d love to know if I have encountered her before my birth in this world. People keep asking me: “Is it true love, Ben?” My answer to that question is: “If you mean do I love her, then most definitely yes.” But am I in love with Ustane in the same way I have been with other girls in the past. No. Maybe that’s a good thing; "In love" seems to me a bit of a primitive and immature emotion these days.
Our journey to the conference began with a lot of energy. The evening before we’d been to the cinema to see The Fourth Kind, and I’ve made a HPANWO TV film review of it here: . You can see why our heads were spinning a bit! We also had a very interesting conversation with a taxi-driver before the film. He was a young Nigerian man who was also a student of electronic engineering and IT. He was very concerned about the dangers of the new “IP6” which would give people IP addresses instead of computers themselves. This chimed in nicely to Greg Nikolettos’ speech two days later. We changed at Didcot Parkway for the Western Express and while sitting in the waiting room a man came up to me and said: “Hey, are you that bloke on YouTube? The one who talks about conspiracies and stuff like that?” My God, am I’m getting famous? I don’t really want to be; my desire is to see the world free, not to achieve personal success and accolade. I must also have one of these faces that nobody ever forgets; whether that’s in a good way or a bad way. The man’s name was Nick and he was getting the same train as us, so we sat together and continued our conversation. He’s a very interesting guy who has founded a discussion group. Luckily he lives in Oxford too so he’s invited me to join. Another member is quite a well-known horror-story writer who has started his own blog; he has already been in touch and wanted to meet up with me for a chat. It’s a good bit of synchro that we just so happened to bump into a mutual acquaintance. It’s encouraging that many people who would in a pervious era have seemed extremely locked into the mainstream world are branching out and testing new waters just like everybody else. There are actually quite a large number of AV “satellite groups” emerging all over the country and beyond; there are discussion circles that I’ve heard of in Ireland and Sweden too.
Ustane and I stepped off the train and wormed our way through Brunel’s monastic edifice of Temple Meads Station to emerge onto a rainwashed and windlashed street. In fact the weather for the entire weekend was atrocious; gales and torrential rain prevailed. Still I’m not complaining. It could have been worse; we could have been going camping at a David Icke Forum meet-up again. Our hotel had put us up off-campus in a lovely compact-and-bijou self-catering flat just 20 minutes walk from the conference. However with the weather it felt like longer. Also the vertical dimensions of Bristol are extreme compared to both Oxford and Nottingham. The city is built into a series of steep, undulating hills and valleys, so travelling back up the slope from the conference to the hotel reminded me a bit of my school days, doing cross-country runs over Shotover, Oxford‘s highest hill. However on the way there it was the opposite; in fact if I’d had a bike I could have done the journey without pedalling.
The flat had a TV set and I woke up each morning by watching BBC News. As is often the case when I go away to events, there were some apt current affairs in progress. Firstly, the US government want to very publicly prosecute a motley crew of men with dark skin and beards; they also have sinister-sounding names like Mohammed Evil al-Turban or something. The reason is that they’re supposed to have carried out 9/11. This is palpable nonsense, but the US Attorney General interviewed on the programme is convinced he can “get the result he wanted”. A guilty verdict seemed an unspoken foregone conclusion by both himself and the BBC newsreader who addressed him. You can bet the media will be drooling over this as they did the OJ Simpson hearings. Who says you can’t have Trial by Television? Another story is the terrible case of a pressure group which is trying to get compensation for some elderly people in Australia who came to the country from Britain as children as part of a programme where they were sexually abused and forced into slave labour. It reminded me a bit of Kevin Annett’s mission in Canada, see: . It’s like what David Halpin said at the last Conference (see: ) It’s deeply disquieting how easily the intolerable can be made tolerable.

Friday Evening
The Alternative View 3 Conference was held at the Grand Thistle Hotel and it was very nice there, but it was a little difficult to find our way around in its maze of identical corridors. The food looked and smelled delectable and more than once Ustane and I wished we were staying in. The auditorium was once again elegant and comfortable; a carpeted hall with a well-designed backdrop. I saw a few familiar faces at once, but there were also many new delegates there for the first time. I think I might be forming an "AV Family" a bit like myy Probe Family. The event was opened by a funny and likeable man called Alex who came onto the stage wearing an Ickeian turquoise suit. Like before, Edge Media TV were there and the master-of-ceremonies were Franky Ma and Theo Chalmers. Here I begin my review of the speakers. I’ve reproduced my interpretation of what they said to the best of my understanding. If any of them are reading this, or anybody else better-informed, and I’ve made some mistakes then I apologize.

Cynthia McKinney
911-Donald Rumsfeld-Palestine Part 1
Cynthia McKinney is one of only two decent people I know of who have ever tried to get elected as President of the United States, the other being Ron Paul. No doubt her decency contributed to her failure, as it always does in politics. I’ll come back to that point when we discuss Norman Baker‘s speech. Like many black Americans who are interested in their cultural origins Cynthia was dressed in a shawl that looked African in style. She speaks loudly and passionately in a riverboat accent that comes straight out of her home in the Deep South. Her quest for justice and freedom began as a child when she went with her parents to support Dr Martin Luther King before he was shot dead by “another lone nut” in 1968. She was one of two two-part speakers of the conference and she used up most of her first session showing us videos. The first was a song by Desert Rose, Who Is Your God which shows scenes of war and famine. It has lyrics in several languages to illustrate common humanity, which exposes such atrocities into the pointless absurdities that they are. Cynthia’s mission has taken her around her own country and all over the world, to South Africa and Gaza. In fact she was on the ship Dignity with David Halpin when it was attacked by the Israeli navy in 2008, see: . Like David she was lucky to escape with her life, but it didn’t put her off. She very bravely embarked again to Gaza to protest and give relief to the victims of the attempted-genocide known as “Operation Small Axe”. What happened then she describes in the second part of her address on Sunday, see below.
Cynthia’s political career began when she was elected to the Georgia Legislature. She immediately encountered opposition from the other representatives for her outspoken opposition to the 1991 Gulf War. She rejected George Bush Senior’s “7 Reasons for War” and was answered with a walkout by her “Right Honourable Friends”. She was witch-hunted out of the Georgia Legislature, but far from ending her political mission it encouraged her to stand for election to the US Congress under a human rights agenda. After being elected she joined the Armed Services Committee where she campaigned against the use of depleted uranium munitions and questioned President Bush on why there was no military response to the 9/11 attacks when they should have been able to easily locate and bring down the planes before they struck the buildings. Also, most famously of all, she grilled the then Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld over the war crimes of mercenaries employed by the government, the 9/11 stand-down and the suspected embezzlement of over 3 trillion $US from the US Defence budget. Not millions or even billions, but trillions. How can I describe it? Imagine a million pounds were just 1 penny. Now even on that scale a trillion pounds would still be £10,000. It's unimaginable! Here’s the very satisfying video of the exchange: . It didn’t take long for Cynthia to develop a reputation of sorts which drew the attention of that intangible and vague posse of mysterious individuals, political parties and organizations collectively known as the “Israel lobby”. (Here’s a Dispatches programme about the British arm of this group: This attention ended in her being deselected by her party, the Democrats, while actually in office; this is the only time this has happened in American political history. So Cynthia restood for election as an independent candidate. Her manifesto is based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the same document that so inspired Nathan Sarea; see: . Along with her humanitarian work abroad Cynthia got involved with a very scandalous case in Oakland, California. She showed us a film outlining it. It is all about an incident where a young black man called Oscar Grant was executed by the police while handcuffed and lying on the ground. Cynthia feels as strongly about the plight of her own people, the black Americans, as anyone else. She quotes King: “A threat to injustice anywhere is a threat to injustice everywhere” and that’s very true. As long as we sit back and think “It’s OK, it’s their problem and it doesn’t effect me”, the Elite can pick us off one at a time and play divide-and-rule on us so that we even support their agenda ourselves! Cynthia believes that we can liberate ourselves peacefully and she gives the current freedom movements in Latin America as an example, like Hugo Chavez and others, which is very encouraging. Although there may be situations when we have to fight back with force to stop ourselves being killed, (See: I agree with Cynthia. There are 6 billion of us and only 13 of them, at the highest level. If we play our cards right there’s no reason why it should come to violence. Cynthia talks like a politician and has obviously been trained as one, but unlike most politicians she retains the three bodily organs that most of them have amputated when they put on their suits and rosettes: a brain, a heart and a backbone. She was a very wise choice as a speaker for AV3 and I’m sure she inspired others as well as myself. During the weekend she contributed enormously to our spirit and morale.

Friday Evening Ctd
The layout at the Grand is different to the Thistle Heathrow. All the socializing took place in a single high-ceilinged chamber with chandeliers hanging from it called “The Ballroom”. The first act was Gareth Icke, ( a brilliant singer who came on stage and played unplugged and solo on his guitar. If the name sounds familiar it’s because he’s the son of Our Dave. He was followed by the satirical genius of Deek Jackson’s FKN NEWZ (, this was his second live show; the first being at the AV2 Conference, see links above. Behind my hysterical laughter though I suddenly realized that I had a painful duty to perform. Deek mentioned spirituality in one of his shows so I’ve been forced to strip him of his MBA. So from now on he no longer has the right to call himself “Deek Jackson (MBA Bronze)”; he’s just plain old “Deek Jackson”. Sorry, Deek, but at least you were only a Bronze; others have further to fall… but seriously, he was funny! His humour is scathing, aggressive and offensive… and brilliant. It’s what this world needs!

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Leila said...

A remarkable report Ben. Keep em coming. I watched the YouTube vid of cynthia grilling Rumsfeld. Cool!

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Ustane. Yeah, it was good to see Rumsfeld squirm!

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Those days of slavery were the worst of mankind, even worst than the wars, I hate racism people.

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