Wednesday 8 August 2007

AHH! Save us from these evil "Detainees"!

Fourteen people were at large in Oxfordshire untill they were recaptured yesterday They've been convicted of armed robbery and they have... no time at all left to serve on their sentance. You heard me correctly. Fourteen people are free for no oustanding crime at all!

Maybe I've missed the latest bulletin from the Ministry of Truth, but aren't people supposed to be set free when they've finished prison sentances anyway? Perhaps the real crime they've at large for is being (tabloid cockney accent) "Asylum-seekers". Well I'm afraid if members of the human race want to travel around their home planet then I don't consider that a crime. If I encounter any of these people I'll wish them all the best. I will NOT report them. No doubt I'll end up in trouble myself for that, but if keeping your freedom in the country means depriving your fellow humans of free, unlimited access to all parts of their home planet then I'm better off in jail.