Tuesday 7 August 2007

Let's just cut to the chase! Here's the "Crazy" Stuff":

I'm also very worried about a political movement that seems to be gathering force at the moment in every country. It is known by various names, most commonly the New World Order. It is planned to take the form of a single open world government (we already have a secret one!) where individual liberty will be abolished and the population will just be slaves to a Fascist Elite. The New World Order will have no money; all financial activity will be controlled by a computer called "the Beast" which is rumoured to lie in an underground military base in Belgium. The Beast will also control the population through biomentric ID cards, or even subcutaneous microchips. Independant nation states will be reduced to the level of counties or districts in the single global state. There will be a global police force to attack and destroy any person, group or culture that gets in the way of the New World Order. It will be armed with nuclear weapons and chemical and/or biological weapons too. We're talking a real world like the one George Orwell tried to warn us against in "1984".

The above statement will have already branded me a "conspiracy theorist" in many people's eyes. If anyone thinks that then that's their right. I don't care. All I care about is the future of our world.

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