Monday 13 August 2007


Here's a good vid about Cryonics, the deep-freezing of dead bodies in the hope that in the future, science might find a way to bring them back to life:

I'm intitally sceptical (not "Skeptical". I consider spelling that word with a K makes it a different word from spelling it with a C; I'll say why later). But people who say things are impossible are usually proved wrong.

I'm not religious, (I was brought up in a Catholic family, but I've lapsed) but as I've already said, I beleive in an afterlife of one sort of another. I wouldn't try this with my own dead body, but after watching this I kind of hope it works for the sake of the first couple. I thought they were very sweet and I was moved by the woman's death. The second couple are a bit up their own arses.

It can't be easy doing this in the United States. I hope you won't interpret this as anti-American prejudice, but I've a feeling their are lots of Americans who will be repulsed by Cryonics, seeing it as the work of the Devil!

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Godwin said...

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