Monday 13 August 2007

DC Rebuttal

A member of the DarkConspiracy forum has challenged my SLC claims (see the post below). Here's the thread: . Here's my reply:

Why do you need to write in bold?

Also filling a pepperpot full of the word "fact" and sprinkling it liberally over your post as if it's a plate of fish and chips might make you look sophisticated, impressive and academic in some circles, but it won't fool members of this forum. If basis of your arguement was sound you would need that kind of showmanship.

1. I addressed that issue in the original point

2. I read in in "Alice", I'll find you the source, but if the alternative seismic evidence has to be reviewed by a geologist then I'm probably going to dissapoint you. If you need establishment peer-reviewed articles then I'm preaching to the Unconvertable. Get your pepperpot out again, Randi!

"For instance you pointed out that the firefighters could put out the fires with a couple hoses? If you bothered to research this statement it was from firefighters BELOW the impact point. Again... facts here!"

What? So the firemen didn't know how bad the fire was or where it was blazing the fiercest? And how far were they below the blaze? I'm asking because if this fire was as bad as we've been told then areas a fair distance from it would have been unviable because of heat and smoke. However Rick Resorla didn't have any problem in the Morgan and Stanley office just a few floors lower than the impact zone; and he had no fireman's kit.
"'The Windsor Building fell very differently to the WTC. It didn’t all pancake in one go.'" Again ... do some research. two words: Concrete Core! All the steel in the top floors collapsed."

"'Ah! So the twin towers did have supporting cores like the Windsor Building. The narrator says they’re hollow. But if you watch the film of the WTC being built they look pretty solid to me.' Not like the Windsor building. Concrete!"

So all the floors pancaked at freefall speed in one go, as the result of a fire which only produced small flames? And as for the WTC having a concrete core: I'll see if the film about it being built is still up.

"'17. The narrator keeps comparing the WTC collapse to known controlled demolitions. He says that there’s no way the explosives could be rigged up in the WTC secretly. Are conventional explosives the only way to demolish a building? How about scaler beams and other secret technology that the govt has?'
Scaler Beams?? bwahahahah ok... I should just stop."

And your reaction is exactly how the govt keep these things secret! Who needs underground bases. Public incredulity buries things deeper than the Nevada desert ever could!

"'30. I don’t dispute that wreckage of Flight 93 was found. But was it wreckage from a crash or from a midair explosion?' What did it colide with??"

Who said it collided with anything? Not me!

"'36. It doesn’t seem to bother the narrator much that Flights 11 and 77 weren’t scheduled to fly that day!' Um... what? Please elaborate and back it up with a source."

Dylan Avery and the Narrator provide the source in the film.

"'39. What about Barbara Olson, the lady who made a reverse-charges call from an airfone? This cannot be done. Even if she’d called the operator first; if the operator could have arranged it with special permission then why not just give her the call free?' Why don't you look up the evidence from the Mousauii trial where you can listen to that and other phone calls that were actually recorded."

Will do, I'll be interested to see how and why a reverse-charges call was arranged.

"'41. The hijacker list was released on September the 14th, just 3 days after the attacks. It didn’t take them long to find out who did it eh? They didn’t even have to wait long after Bin Laden’s supposed confession (which was faked too anyway).' Their names were on the FLIGHT MANIFEST! My GOSH! are you actually reading what you are posting ??"

Do you know how many names were on that manifest? How much stress and confusion there was. How many relatives had to have the news broken to them before they could be absolutely sure who the bad guys were? It took them just three days!? Doc, I've got some beachfront property in Birmingham you might be interested in!