Thursday 16 August 2007

Oxford Architecture Pictures

Sorry about the delay in getting these photoes up. I've included two new pictures that I've taken since the original survey. There's a pub opposite the records office called "The Original Swan". It's a nice place, but I've never really paid it much attention. That was a mistake, seeing as it's only 20 yards from the site of the old Knights Templar lodge. My mistake was illustrated by the shape of the shelters that have been put up over the beer garden. It's a blatent Illuminati truncated pyramid. I'll have to pop in and have a word with the landlord. Hope he doesn't kick me out for being a loony! Maybe I should just raise the subject of the shelters casualy and not tell him why I'm interested. The name is also symbolic. The swan represents the underworld, I think; I'll have to ask Ellis. The island lake in Althrop Park where Diana is buried is home to swans.

Also, note the sun disk image on the facade of the yellow-bricked building. I'll explain what the sun disk is later.

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