Tuesday 7 August 2007

What is a Hospital Porter?

A healthcare professional who is an essential member of a life-saving team, who should be proud of who they are?

Or a lowly menial worker who needs to hide themselves away and live the shame and obscurity they deserve?

This is my first entry on this blog and I think it's best to start out by geting down to it straight away: I think the former, contrary to conventional society which thinks the latter.

Glad we've got that sorted out! See ya!


Ellis Taylor said...

Hi Ben,
Best of luck with this new enterprise. Looks good already.


Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Ellis

JustAporter said...

Agree, We are the former option. Nothing and noone can knock you down unless you let them.

With out Porters a hospital would effectivly grind to a halt. We are all cogs in a bigger machines, Porters,nurses, admin, receptionists, doctors, physios, radiologists.